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San Francisco

San Francisco, a fabulous and unique city situated on the west coast, is waiting for you!

Feel its liberal spirit of the great 60s, caused by the returning servicemen, massive immigration, liberalizing attitudes after the war, gay rights movement and the Summer of Love.

Beside this great, still tangible spirit, San Francisco is uniting the beauty of many other worldcities - build on several hills like Rome, a harbour like Naples, grand hotels like New York, a flashy night-life like Paris and the best bookshops like London... – San Francisco has it all!

Go to the rocky alcatraz island and explore the notorious "Alcatraz prison", or enjoy breath taking views over the whole city and its seven islands when you stand on top of the twin peaks, the cities highest point. Become part of the cosmopolitan inhabitation and live in the city where so many films and popular TV-series are shot. Get the "San Francisco"-feeling when you're on board of one of the famous old cable cars which gently roll up the hills. Admire the brilliant technical construction and beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge during sundown while having dinner in one of the thousands excellent restaurants San Francisco has to offer

Choose the city of San Francisco as your city for your holiday and please give us a call on: 0800 11 234 55 for more information about accommodation. Accommodation in San Francisco varies according to your individual traveller's preference. We offer various accommodations in locations all throughout San Francisco. Stay in any area of San Francisco from low budget hostels and hotels to up scale hotels, apartments and studios.

Once you have figured out your San Francisco accommodation whether in a hostel, hotel, apartment or studio, plan your daily activities with! Studios92 also offers multiple tours, theatre tickets, and transport packages, as a courtesy of Gift-Tours!

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