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San Diego San Diego International Airport was opened at 16 August in 1928 and was originally called the Lindbergh Field. Being named the Lindberg Field has its special meaning because it was here where Charles Lindbergh started his journey across the Atlantic Ocean all by himself.

Because of its unique characteristics, the San Diego International Airport differs from other airports. For example, it is the first airport which has a federal certificate for being an airport suitable for all kinds of air plane types, including seaplanes; The International Airport was also the testing facility of many U.S. sail plane gliders. A famous person is William Hawley Bowlus, who was the founder of the glider school. On the 1st of June 1930, air routes opened, connecting San Diego and Los Angeles. In 1934, the airport received the title of 'International Airport'. Simultaneously in 1937, adjacent to the airport, there was the United States Coast Guard Air Base.

The Second World War brought great changes for the International Airport. In the year 1942, the army aviation regiment took over the airport because of war service. In order to deal with the production of heavy bombers, the airport infrastructure had been greatly improved during the war. After the airport commercial aviation service rapidly expanded. The Pacific South west Airlines headquarters is situated in San Diego and in 1949, the International Airport had opened California-wide service. In 1960, the airport was divided into American Airlines and United Airlines which cooperate in flying the Boeing 720 to Phoenix and San Francisco.

The first air terminal was in use during the 60s of the 20th century. Since then, the San Diego’s air traffic greatly increased and there was an urgent need for new facilities. The current first air terminal came into use on 5 March 1967 and the second terminal opened on 11 July 1979. Soon afterwards, the third terminal was put into use on 23 July 1996. As of January 2009, San Diego International Airport flies with 16 passenger airlines and 5 cargo airlines non-stop to America, Canada and 42 destinations in Mexico.

Currently, concerning operations, the busiest route is the route to Los Angeles. It is operated by the United Express and American Eagle. In January 2008, the International Airport launched the first staff blog, called ‘Ambassablog’. The blog was completed by the cooperation of front-line employers. It mainly concerns various activities and initiatives of the airport, readers opinions and more. In fact, the International Airport already became a case study of many federal, state and various local levels.

In February 2008, San Diego International Airport already became America’s first airport officially carrying out a sustainable policy. This reflects the airports loyalty towards sustainable development. In May 2008, the California Attorney General Jerry Brown announced a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and an overall plan of the airport to carry out improvements.

From subway to trolleybus, there are a lot of public transport facilities in San Diego which enable you to arrive at the airport:

San Diego Amtrak and Coaster

The San Diego Amtrak and Coaster trains connect various communities of San Diego and from Los Angeles and Orange County, as well as along the North Line to the San Diego tourist area. The railway is also close to Old Town, Sorrento Valley, Solana Beach, Encinitas, Carlsbad and the Oceanside. The travelers of the San Diego International Airport can take route number 992 of the urban transport system Amtrak’s Pacific Surfliner and the coaster of Santa Fe Town Center railway station. Amtrak operates every day, the coaster operates from Monday to Saturyday. On New Year's Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day no service available.
MTR bus
Between the airport and city centre, one can take the number 992 of the urban transport system, this route is close to terminal one and two. There is a trip every ten minutes, connecting to the Trolley, Coaster and Amtrak station.

San Diego Trolleybus

The San Diego trolley bus does not stop at the airport, but it is connected to many surrounding well-known tourist attractions, like Old Town, Mission Valley and Fashion Valley.

San Diego Air Terminal Traffic

The Red Bus provides free shuttle service between the airport and its terminals. The bus runs every 10 minutes.

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