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San Diego In the American society, shopping centres are a symbol of luxury and are also a part of leisure for people. Today’s shopping plaza’s are immense and their capacity has increased. In a shopping centre there is a lot of entertainment, one can not only buy merchandise in the shopping centres, but can also grab a bite, play games, watch a movie and much more. The many shopping centres of San Diego all offer their customers excellent entertainment service. Would you like to join the ultimate shopping experience and need a hotel? Just contact and the perfect hotel will be arranged! The traditional shopping centres of San Diego include:

San Diego Fashion Valley Center

Of all the shopping centres in San Diego, Fashion Valley Centre is without a doubt one of the centres with the best high-class stores. In this two stories high outdoor shopping centre there are a lot of famous stores, like Nordstrom, C Penney, Macy's, Nieman Marcus and the new Bloomingdale. There are also places where you can find the brand Tiffany. Next to this, the restaurants and entertainment facilities of this shopping centre makes it a place where you can limitless buy goods. Other famous brands include Burberry, Lily Pulitzer, Gucci, Ruehl, Apple, Sony and many more. Fashion Valley Centre a place where many rich people regularly go to.

San Diego Otay Ranch Town Centre

With the beginning of fall of the year 2006, the San Diego Otay Ranch Town Centre became so very different. For over 20 years, it has been the number one regional shopping centre. Maybe it is not the traditional market you thought it would be, but if definitely reflects the modern ‘way of life’. The neighbouring shopping street of the shopping centre boasts a lot of high-class shops and department stores.

A lot of the San Diego's shopping centers are located in Westfield.

San Diego Westfield Horton Plaza

The construction of the San Diego Westfield Horton Plaza started in the 80s of the 19th century. For every tourist in San Diego, this marvellous building with its structural diversity is certainly the place to be. Some of the famous brands which you can buy in the stores include Nordstrom, Macy’s and much more. The shopping centre also has a lot of restaurants where many workers regularly have lunch and have a cup of coffee or tea during their break.

San Diego Westfield Plaza Bonita

The San Diego San Diego ShoppingWestfield Plaza is situated in the south of San Diego. It is a two stories high shopping centre, with Plaza Camino Real on the opposite. In the past, the decoration of the shopping mall was very simple and it didn’t have any special characteristics. Nowadays, the shopping centre implemented an extensive transformation, adding much more fashion stores, like Target, Bordes Bookstore, H&M boutiques, 14 screen AMC movie theatres and many food courts. Today, the shopping centre already has the new face of luxury fashion.

San Diego Westfield University Town Center

San Diego Westfield University Town Center is one of the many Westfield shopping malls and is a fine outdoor shopping mall and is located in the Golden Triangle. It offers goods according to the preference of young urban professionals and football fans. The ice hall is a great feature of the shopping centre and this is where the centre distinguishes itself from all the other malls. The main businesses are for example Nordstrom, Sears and Macy.

San Diego Grossmont Center

The San Diego Grossmont Center is located in La Mesa. The centre has a long history and classical style. This pleasant shopping centre is very well maintained. There are customers which are of the opinion that the style is very warm. However there are also people who think it is not that outgoing, because it would have a lack of fashion. However, the monotonous decoration of this kind of large-scale shopping mall is not a problem, since there is Target, a small scale Macy’s and much more inside the two stories high building.

San Diego Westfield Parkway Plaza

Being another shopping centre of Westfield, San Diego Westfield Parkway Plaza’s mainly serves the eastern part. The shopping mall is an indoor shopping mall with a single floor. Within the mall there are a lot of stores, movie theatres and food courts which are loved by younger people. Closest to the shopping mall is the two stories high Wall-mart.

San Diego Chula Vista Canter

The San Diego Chula Vista Canter is a rather small-scaled shopping centre of the area. If you are not very familiar with this area, then you perhaps will be lost in the surrounding Plaza Bonita and the New Otay Ranch Town Center. Being an old shopping mall in San Diego, this is the only Sears store in the South Bay. Within the shopping mall there are also many other brands, like Macy’s JCPenney, Mervyns and more. The mall also boasts movie theatres and entertainment facilities.

San Diego Westfield Plaza Camino Real

The San Diego Westfield Plaza Camino Real is another indoor shopping mall, which mainly serves the residents of North Coast area of San Diego (including Encinitas, Carlsbad and Oceanside). Similar to the North County Fair, Westfield Plaza Camino Real is a construction with two floors. The plaza has over 170 stores. The only difference is that the Westfield Plaza Camino Real has a large-scale plaza theatre. Next to this, new sport stores and Bella Furniture stores have already opened.

San Diego Westfield Mission Valley

If you compare the San Diego Westfield Mission Valley with other shopping malls, the construction appears to be a bit disorganized. Its layout arose from the 60th century and it has a lot of stores to choose from, like the large-scale AMC which is a favourite of adolescents as well as young people. Next to this, there malls with famous brands, like the two stories high Target, two Macy’s stores, Nordstrom and more.

The above introduction are only the traditional shopping centres of San Diego. In fact, there are a lot of other ‘big box’ shopping malls worth visiting in San Diego. This so-called ‘big box’ refers to similar retailers. Famous retailers include Mira Mesa Market Center, Santee Trolley Square, Carmel Mountain Plaza and much more.

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