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San Diego Nightlife

San Diego

San Diego San Diego is a city which does not only have beautiful panoramic views and rich cultural heritage, but also has fashion. People of all ages can spend time, enjoy the night life in San Diego and enjoy leisure in their spare time. San Diego’s large array of bars and clubs really offer you many choices during your stay. Enjoying the night life in San Diego is one of the things you must do when visiting this city! If you are looking for accommodation, just contact and the perfect hotel will be arranged!

San Diego Turf Supper Club

The San Diego Turf Supper Club is situated in the centre of Golden Hill. It is very fashionable and worth visiting. After Turf Supper Club switched to a new owner a couple of years ago, it is now operating very well and restoring the glories of the 50s. The club is well known for its barbecue. The dining area has a grill and customers can chose their own preferred snack, like raw chicken, seafood, beef and more and also the sauce and then completely barbecue it themselves. The price of the snacks is cheap and next to this, it is a lot of fun to barbecue. During the dining, there is also a refreshing on-the-spot piano play.

San Diego Kensington Club

The San Diego Kensington Club is situated in Kensington and is a dark club with a long, narrow style. By day and by night, the club shows big difference. During the day, it does not have that much activity; when night comes, it changes into trendy nightclub, filled with music. The club is very popular and this has its own reason: the club is located in Adams Avenue of the Kensington Commercial Street, San Diego’s last remaining single-screen cinema is located here. This truly is a place where you want to stop by for a drink.

San Diego Red Fox Bar

The San Diego Red Fox Bar is located in North Park and doesn’t have the true meaning of being a modern bar. The dark room is located in the fashionable streets of the city. The bar is more like a retro piano bar. Worth noting is that Red Fox Bar is the place where our parents and even grandparents would like to go for a drink.

San Diego Aero Club

In the San Diego Aero Club, one can only choose from beer and wines. This is the reason why there are often many young people gathering in the club. Located on the opposite of India Interstate Street number 5, Aero Club was originally the gathering place of aerospace workers. Currently, Aero is only the place where friends gather or you may find yourself going to the club with a group of friends, but may come back with new friends.

San Diego Ould Sod

The San Diego Ould Sod is an Irish pub, located on Adam Avenue in the centre of Normal Heights. This is one of the oldest blocks in the city. In Ould Sod one can truly experience the atmosphere of the local bar. The bar itself is one of San Diego’s earliest authorized bars. The bar was opened in 1940 and was called ‘Ryan’s bar’. In the year 1943, the bar changed its name into ‘Elbow Club’. It was until the new year of 1989, when the bar changed its name into Ould Sod. The entertainment items in the bar are very broad, from traditional Irish music to karaoke. The styles include folk music, country music, rock music and many classic songs.

San Diego Waterfront

The San Diego Waterfront claims to be the first authorized bar of San Diego. This gave the bar many awarded marks and at the same time this fashionable bar-street is also famous for its hamburgers. Fisherman often gathered at this place to drink and chat.

San Diego Pal Joeys

The outward appearance of San Diego Pal Joeys looks common and will not attract the attention of people. However, there are a number of bars located in the quiet Allied Gardens and it is this special place which makes this small bar to stand out from the masses. At this place, there are a lot of live band performances, like ‘Margaritaville’ and ‘American Pie’, which ensures the dance area is often crowded with young people who love to dance.

San Diego Joe ‘n Andy’s Hole in the Wall

The name of the bar says it all, this match-box like bar is located in the town centre of La Mesa. The bar looks similar to an embedded hole in the wall. If you like narrow bars, then you will love Joe ‘n Andy’s place. Next to this it has live music and sometimes a band in the corner of the bar which makes the bar change into chaos. However, this also makes the pub become more attractive.

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