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San Diego Annual Events

San Diego

San Diego Being an artistic hall, San Diego has many famous museums and theatres. Its unique artistic atmosphere made the city become the host country to hold international annual events. This is not only beneficial for the local cultural development of San Diego as well as drawing a diversity of elements from different countries, but also injects new vitality in the city’s tourism industry. Many tourists especially choose to come visit San Diego for the grand events, where they can feel a different festive atmosphere. Do you want to be one of those tourists visiting San Diego and in need for accommodation? Contact and we will arrange the perfect hotel for your travel!

San Diego Adams Avenue Street Fair

San Diego Adams Avenue Street Fair is annually held in South California San Diego, the event covering 8 street blocks of Adams Avenue. Every year, it attracts 100,000 participants from all over the world. The exhibition of 6 exhibition cases offers visitors more than 70 live musical performances, beer, food suppliers and many handicraft products to make the location even more lively and dynamic.

San Diego ArtWalk

The San Diego ArtWalk art fair will return to Embarcadero Coastal Park on 13 and 12 September 2009. The art fair festival includes unique paintings, sculptures, crystal products, jewels and more. The exposition itself is a work of art, the 8 acres Embarcadero Coastal Park will be decorated to an art hall, filled with a festive atmosphere and more than 30,000 people will participate this art festival.

The main mission of the San Diego art festival is to introduce people to the South Californian original art, to offer participants a valuable opportunity and artists having face-to-face exchange. At the same time, one can also purchase his or her own loved art work directly at the exhibition. The works of art displayed at the art fair include all kinds of forms, existing of both visual and performance arts.

San Diego Asian Film Festival

San Diego EventsThe San Diego Asian Film Festival was established in 2002 and is a non-profit company. Before it became an official organization by the government, the early organization was a fund-raiser for the Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA). Following this, the movie company received many domestic and international films. As the chairman of the film festival and the chairman and news anchor of the subordinate body KGTV of San Diego ABC television station, Lee Ann Kim saw potential in the film festival being an entity on itself.

Hereafter, she organized a group of journalists, authors, film producers and joined forces of community leaders. At the final end, it made this non-profit company come into being. The film festivals mission is to pass on the Asian-Pacific Ocean region culture by means of media, primarily through forms of film exhibitions, seminars and more. In recent years, the movie company also provides students of high school and university students student internships, cultural literary projects and film production projects.

San Diego ConDor

San Diego ConDor is California San Diego’s annual science fiction show, and is generally being held in springtime. The topic is mainly regarding the surrounding film and television media productions. ConDor is sponsored by the California Association for the Advancement of Speculative Media and is at the same time the longest lasting science fiction show of San Diego. The shows are held in the San Diego Handlery hotel.

San Diego International Comics Festival

The San Diego International Comics Festival was created by Shel Dorf and a group of San Diegans and is an event for comic book fans. Traditionally, the festival lasted four days and is generally chosen to be held in summertime. Comic-Con is the name of the annual event and is also the name of the organization. At the same time of the International Comics Festival, two other events are also being held, which are divided into the WonderCon and the Alternative Press Expo. Both events take place in San Diego. From 1974, the International Comics Festival will be awarded the Year Award for folk-art and having interesting outstanding personalities in cartoons.

San Diego Holiday Bowl

The San Diego Holiday Bowl is a university soccer sport event. Since 1978, the event is annually held in the San Diego Qualcomm Stadium. Currently, this sports match is sponsored by the Pacific Life Insurance. Because of this, it is also known as the Pacific Life Holiday Cup. Sponsors of the past include SeaWorld, Thrifty Car Rental, Plymouth and Culligan.

San Diego Over-the-Line

The San Diego Over-the-Line is a softball and basketball-related sport. Every team has three people, including a batter, pitcher and outfielder. The equipment needed for a match includes a rope, softball-bat and softball. The name Over-the-Line is also the trademark of the Old Mission Beach Athletic Club. This club organizes competitions every year and is one of the biggest summer events of San Diego. In general, the competition site is the beach.

In recent years, the reputation of this competition increased day by day. In addition, it is seen as the only innovating sport of the inland or beach district, but in local schools it is still regarded as a part of human physical education.

San Diego Poinsettia Bowl

Poinsettia Bowl started in 2005 and is a part of the college football competition season. The competition was founded by the Holiday Cup organization and is held in the Qualcomm Stadium. Nowadays, the competition is sponsored by the San Diego County Credit Union. In 2008, several new team supporters joined, like the Mountain West Conference and Pac-10.

There are far more annual San Diego events, including the Street Scene Music Festival, the San Diego Pride Parade, the San Diego/Del Mar Fair and more. These vibrant activities inject new vitality in San Diego’s culture, so that the city continuously moves forward and develops. At the same time, these annual events have made an outstanding contribution for the tourism industry and economy.

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