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San Diego Beaches

San Diego

San Diego In San Diego, beaches are a way of life and a symbol of happiness and pride. Beaches also continuously influences the lifestyle of local residents. Whether you are a permanent resident or just on a short travel, enjoying the beach is one of the things you must do when you visit San Diego. If you are planning to enjoy the lovely beaches of San Diego and need accommodation, can find the perfect hotel for you! Feel free to contact us for more information or if you have any inquiries.

San Diego Blacks Beach

San Diego Blacks Beach is located in the upper north end of La Jolla and has a 300 foot cliff. Closest by there is the Californian San Diego branch university. The south of the beach belongs to the jurisdiction of the city, the rest belonging to the national park and here nudity on the beach is legally allowed. It is probably the largest nude beach of America, and is loved by many nude naturalist's of South California.
There are many roads to access the San Diego Blacks Beach, like through La Jolla, the Torrey Pines State Reserve or by the nearby alleys of the Salk Research Institute. Blacks Beach is the biggest recreational surfing beach of South California. There is also the underwater canyon where the power of the waves is very concentrated and have a great impact.

San Diego La Jolla Beach

San Diego La Jolla Beach is located in La Jolla, the area of the beach being rather small. The children’s pool beach is just a few minute walk away. At the same time, it is considered to be one of the prettiest beaches of South California. The sand of the beach is very coarse and tough. During the day, the beach is very crowded and loved by family visitors. Children build tents on the grass and go swimming in the shallow waters. At night, the light reflects the beach and it is an excellent place for young people to interact.
The majority of the southern part of San Diego La Jolla Bay is a diving training place for students. Among this, the La Jolla Beach and tennis club involve the majority of the southern beach districts. The club is privately owned, but the beach is public property. Next to this, near the location of surrounding restaurants harmless leopard sharks often gather, giving the visitors a pleasant surprise.

San Diego Mission Beach

San Diego BeachesMission Beach is close to San Diego’s east coast bays, like the places Atlantic City and Coney Island's. Here, circus performances, carnival games and other city activities are often held in the summer. Over the years, the bungalows of the beach have already turned into apartments. Road stands have been replaced by nightclubs, but the circus performances still remained. On the beach, you can see people skating, surfing, cycling, jogging, children swimming or families having a picnic on the grass and more.

The northern part of the beach from the San Diego Pacific coastal area till the roller coaster is mainly residential. At the same time, both sides have fashionable apartments, cloth-stores, bars and more. Many locals give up the opportunity for material city life to live at the beach, free and unrestrained. The scenery of the south and north beach doesn’t share that much difference. Here, fisherman catch fish and vessels pass in and out of the docks.

San Diego Pacific Beach

Right to Pacific Beach there is La Jolla, to the south there is Mission Beach. The majority here consists of youngsters, surf-lovers and college students. Because of the rent continuously increasing, more and more specialists move to this area. Simultaneously, this is also the main area of San Diego with a rich night-life, the periphery has many bars, restaurants, shops, clothes stores and more and is loved by college students and young people.

From the pier to the beach there is lifesaving crew on patrol everywhere. Surrounding there are also shower facilities and a special car park. Swimming and surfing is separately on this beach, in particular on a beautiful sunny afternoon there are often all kinds of dances on the beach.

San Diego San Onofre State Beach

San Onofre State Beach is located at the San Diego south coastline and also at the southern and eastern parts of the vast border Pendleton Marines. Here, visitors can see the entire coastline of South California with an appearance of approximately 100 years ago. There are many barren mountains, natural vegetation, wetlands and migratory birds, wild deers and more natural species that frequently welcome you. With this natural landscape there is also a sharp contrast.

San Diego San Onofre also has nuclear power generating facilities and the country's most advanced military bases. Ironic is that these potentially destructive forces actually protect this development area to a certain extend. It prevented San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles to merge into a huge urban agglomeration. San Onofre Beach includes three unique beach regions, which are Trestles, Old Man’s and Trails.

San Diego Lower Trestles

San Diego Lower Trestles is located at the mouth of San Mateo and is the worlds famous surfing mouth. With regard to surf-lovers, the waves here are not really challenging, but are stable and very suitable for surfing. Many surf enthusiasts come here to practise their skills, especially in the summer and autumn. Every day, there are three circus performances of modern power surfing and air military exercises. This beach is quite sparse and because of the many pebbles and rocks, the beach is rather difficult to approach.

San Diego Old Man’s

San Diego Old Man’s is located near the northern nuclear power plant. The water temperature is quite high here and the water passes through a reactor cooling pump and goes back into the sea. In fact, the beach has good facilities, with clean beaches and is very easy to approach. Similar with Trestles, Old Man’s is called a San Onofre state beach and is a world-famous surfing spot.

The difference with San Diego Trestles however, is that because of the early history, Old Man’s has gained a good reputation. It was here when the famous surfers like Hobie Alter, Dewey Weber and Dale Velzy created the positive sports culture for later generations in California.

San Diego Trails

San Diego Trails is connected to the San Onofre Bluffs State camping area, Trials being the general name for the three mile beach. Channel numbers are from one to six, corresponding with the beach at the same time. Beach number six is located at the far south of the beach, but also received visitors popularity. This sea area is mainly composed of sand rocks, coral reefs and tide pools. On parts of the beach, lifeguards and rangers patrol. Here, one can camp and enjoy leisure activities like surfing, fishing and digging clams.

Other San Diego beaches include Carlsbad National Beach, Cardiff National Beach, Imperial Beach, La Jolla children’s pool beach, North Pacific beach and more. For people, enjoying the sun on the beach is the main way of pursuing happiness. For its changing scenery and numerous tourist sites, the coastal area of the city has attracted many visitors.

Are you aroused of this coastal city and are planning on traveling here? In a foreign country, you will probably feel confused by the numerous tourist attractions, accommodation and traffic. offers all kinds of service for your travel in San Diego, including hotel reservations and various types of information on accommodation enquiries. For more information, feel free to submit an enquiry or contact us.Travelers can also plan their trip ahead with Gift-tours, offering information, transportation, tours and tickets.

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