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San Diego Attractions and Tours

San Diego

San Diego San Diego is a city of landscape and desert, lots of fun, full of charm and has many natural and human landscape. Coming to San Diego will definitely be a feast for they eyes, because it has all kinds of tourist attractions. Must-see tourist attractions include San Diego Zoo, Wild Animal Zoo, Sea World, Balboa Park, San Diego Harbor, Old Town, Mission Bay Garden and La Jolla. If you are looking for accommodation in San Diego, feel free to contact, who will help you find the perfect hotel during your stay!

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo is one of the biggest zoo’s in the world, covering an area of 100 acres of the vast area Greenwood Hills. It has the world most advanced management facilities and a habitat with more than 800 animal species, including cheetahs, musk ox, brown bear and more rare animal species. Within the zoo, the giant panda area is the most popular. This zoo is the one throughout the United States which keeps the largest number of giant pandas, having 4 pandas with the youngest being just 1 year old. All the pandas have been shipped from China. The pavilion is located in the centre of the zoo and visitors must walk to enjoy seeing them. The panda area is only opened for three hours every day. Despite this, it attracts lots of visitors every day.

Another nice scenic area of the San Diego Zoo is the monkey forest road. The monkey forest road costed 29 million dollars and the rainforest covers an area 1.2 hectares of dense forest from both sides as far as the eye can see. It has habitats from Africa and more than 30 precious species of Asia, including the black long-tailed monkey, skylarks and the endangered short-tail hippo. In the aquarium, 16 kinds of marine mammals are kept and more than 430 kinds of fish, acceding more than 20,000 numbers of fish.
Along with enjoying the music in the hall, visitors can enjoy performances of animals like dolphins and sea lions with the killer whale show being the most outstanding one. Visitors can also take a small boat to visit the aquarium which is very appealing. Not long ago, the ‘night safari’ was officially opened to public, with daily opening hours after 9:00pm. In the pitch black night, visitors can hear the roar of for example the lions and other animals, which is an exciting experience.

Because the San Diego Zoo covers a vast area, it would make people exhausted when walking it all. Visitors can therefore take a bus tour to visit everything. The bus of the zoo is very suitable for a family trip, children or those visitors who are planning on visiting and wish to rest at the same time. During the 40 minute bus tour, visitors can see 75% of the zoo area. In the zoo, visitors can choose from many places to rest and enjoy a meal, like Treehouse Café which is located in the beautiful garden setting, providing tourists with snacks.

San Diego Wild Animal Park

When you enter the San Diego wild animal park, it’s like entering another world. In this 2,100 acres wildlife protected area, the animals have the freedom to walk around as if it was their own wild homeland. Visitors can enter the area of land by a quiet railway and appreciate the introduced animal species and vegetation. When entering the wild animal park, the African birds will give you the first greeting sounds. A few steps away from the road there is also the Nairobi village, with the tropical paradise of Mombasa Lagoon. This lively village has many shops, restaurants, museums and an activity centre. Here, visitors are able to buy goods, rest, explore the map, plan their journey and more. Nairobi village is located in the centre of the wild animal park. Here, children can enjoy the entertainment facilities as much as they like. Visitors of all ages can have the great pleasure of feeding birds.

When visiting the San Diego Wild animal Park, one must not miss the chance to take the Wgasa Bush ride and explore the imagination. You are able to see giraffes, elephants, rhinos as well as hundreds of other animal groups who are wandering free in this vast world. Other areas for hiking include the African gorilla habitat, Condor Ridge, the wild animal park Mount Kilimanjaro and more. The wildlife animal park exhibition is a good choice for the family. Here you will be surprised of the wisdom of elephants and birds. The number of paths on both sides and the botanical gardens increases the landscape scenery.

San Diego Sea World

In which place can one see shark eyes up close and at the same time still be alive to tell this story to other people? Only at San Diego Sea World will you have such an experience. As California’s main family tourist destination, Sea World has many magic aquatic shows and entertainment adventure activities. There is no doubt adults and children will like it here, with both entertainment and education.

In San Diego Sea World, a must-see performance to see first is ‘Shamu’s Adventure’ of the Aquatic Museum. Other performances of Sea World include the ‘Dolphin discovery’, ‘Pirates 4-D’ and ‘Pets Rule’, where cats, dogs and pigs are also taking part in the performance. Simultaneously, in the Shark Encouter you can see hundreds of sharks gather in their huge habitat. Following this, visitors can come to understand dolphins, but also play with them and give them food. Other well-known places of Sea World include the Penguin Encounter and Wild Arctic.

San Diego Balboa Park

Balboa Park is located in the verdant oasis centre of San Diego, just a few minute walk from the city centre. Imagine green lawns, fountains, Spanish architecture and verdant gardens. The park has 15 different museums, with topics involving aerospace, sports, fine arts, folk arts, history and dinosaurs. For a part of the park the admission is free and prices for activities within the park are very reasonable.

In San Diego Balboa Park there is a playground and runway, visitors can do sports like hiking and cycling. Here you can explore and visit the botanical garden. When taking a walk, one can appreciate the Spanish architecture and enjoy a picnic. During the weekend, children can play all day in the mini-train. In the train there are painted images of all kinds of animals. If you hear screams of monkeys or baboons, there is no need to be surprised, because the park is adjacent to the San Diego Zoo.

San Diego Harbour

Go on a cruise ship to cruise and experience the beauty of San Diego’s bay and appreciate the lovely dolphins. Visitors can also walk along the San Diego Harbour village, go cycling or skating. Brave the wind and billows under the majestic Coronado Bay Bridge or taste a delicious seafood dinner...San Diego offers you unlimited possibilities to have fun.

San Diego Attractions and Tours From the San Diego Harbour to Embarcadero Waterfront Park, parks with the harbour village and San Diego’s adjacent Convention Centre and finally to the Maritime museum ‘Star of Inda’. Here lies the worlds oldest sailing ship, which is the proud of San Diego. In Embarcadero Waterfront Park children play chase and adults can appreciate the beautiful scenery. During the trip you can also walk down the Broadway pier. From here many ferries and cruise-ships depart. Some distance away from Harbor Drive and Ash Street there is also the ‘Star of India’.
Don’t miss the great opportunity to take a stroll on this magnificent deck and explore the rich maritime heritage of San Diego. Other ships and naval vessels of the marine museum are also well worth visiting. Tourists can choose to take the museum visit tour, including the oldest United States Navy aircraft carrier.

San Diego Old Town

Have an exciting time by reviewing early California in San Diego Old Town. Old Town is only a few minute walk from the city centre and has beautiful squares, national history parks as well as first-class shopping and dining districts. You will definitely fall in love with the Pasado square, with its many fountains, uncommon floral courtyards with surrounding shops and is filled with a festive atmosphere. Local smiths will show you glass-blowing and other handicraft manufacturing processes.

The inspiration of the many shops and restaurants of San Diego Pasado comes from the 19th century and is very unique for visitors and local residents. In Spanish, the word Pasado means ‘square of old times’. It enables tourists come to understand more about the life and business circumstances in San Diego from the year 1821 to 1872. Next to Pasado square there is Old Town National History Park, to the side of the park there are many restaurants, shops, gift-shops, antique shops and more. Presidio Park is a few blocks away from Old Town. Here there are green lawns, shade-providing trees and spectacular harbour scenery.

San Diego Mission Bay Park

Mission Bay Park is San Diego’s largest playground, with a 27 mile coastline, 19 miles long beach, large-scale playground, barbecue and picnic sites as well as a basketball and volleyball court and so on. Furthermore, the park is just a few minute walk away from the airport, Mission village and the city centre. In the park, visitors can take off their shoes, wander around the Gulf and feel the warmth of the sand. The many activities in Mission Bay Park are suitable for both adults as well as children, including swimming, skating, biking, canoeing, skiing, water jet-ski or just go sunbathing on the beach and much more.

San Diego La Jolla

In Spanish, ‘La Jolla’ means ‘precious stones’. San Diego La Jolla is a 15 minute walk from the city centre and has beautiful beaches, a cultural atmosphere and a wide variety of restaurants. La Jolla is a gathering of the South-European holiday ambiance and the exquisite pleasure of the Southern California city. La Jolla has a reputation of being America’s most prosperous area. At the same time, its beautiful nature and scenery and residents made a contribution for America, giving people a down-to-earth impression. Even more important, next to the good restaurants, beautiful beaches, hotels and an arts centre, there are also many famous structures in La Jolla, like the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the Stephen Birch Aquarium & Museum. At the same time, La Jolla also has many biotechnology and software companies. Overall, La Jolla is a place worth sightseeing, visiting and living in.

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