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San Diego

San Diego San Diego is California’s second largest city and America’s sixth largest city. San Diego is the gathering of liberal and conservative culture which makes it a place very suitable for all kinds of life and work. San Diego’s well-designed traffic arrangements within the city causes tourism and sightseeing to become very easy. If you are planning to travel to San Diego, feel free to contact us in order to book your accommodation!

In recent years, following the establishment of the San Diego city center baseball field and the rapid developments within the financial district, the ongoing rise of the tourist industry and the new formation of the United States Trade Center, the region of San Diego also underwent some great changes. The city of San Diego has over 100 districts. Below you can find an introduction of some important districts of the city:

San Diego Northern districts

San Diego Mission Beach is located at the West Coast of the Pacific Ocean. Within some sections of the East Mission Bay sandbar, the Mission Beach Road is the aorta. It divides the sandbar into the two parts North and South as well as a peninsula. The beach stretches about two miles and is separated into Pacific Ocean and Mission Bay by a wide spit. The dock of the south beach end spreads all along the beach till it enters the ocean and is surrounded by grassland, a parking lot and a pedestrian zone.

Pacific Beach borders with San Diego, the north being connected to La Jolla, the south connecting with Mission Beach and the east and west side being divided and connecting to the 5 Interstate State and the Pacific Ocean. Even though the biggest part of the residents in the Pacific Beach area are younger people, surf lovers and university students, as a result of the rent and life constantly increasing, a lot of professionals and rich people constantly migrated to here.

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San Diego La Jolla is situated in the resort community of the rich seaside of south California and the arch coastline is seven miles. Even though La Jolla is an officially declared part of San Diego, it keeps its own special ambiance of small towns. La Jolla has about 42,808 residents. Three sides of La Jolla are surrounded by a zigzagging coastline and another side is a steep canyon. The north of La Jolla is at 12 miles distance from San Diego and the north is at 40 miles distance from Orange County in California. The climate in La Jolla is very well known for its changing, the average temperature being 21.4°C. It is a true tourist destination.

University City of San Diego is divided into two different parts because of the Rose Canyon and tracks. The southern part of Rose Valley is the older area university city which was called University Square in the past. The northern area of Rose Valley is the new district University city, which is usually being referred to as UTC (meaning University Town Centre). Sometimes UTC and University City are interchangeable which then refers to the Golden Triangle region.

Other districts from the northern area of San Diego include Mission Bay Park, North City, La Jolla Village and more.

San Diego Western districts

San Diego Linda Vista is situated in the East of Mission Bay, the north of Mission Valley and south-eastern part of Tecolote Canyon. Simultaneously, this is also the location of the San Diego University. The many houses of Linda Vista are built in 1940, which was part of the Iraq war preparation project by the government. At the same time, the first market shopping centre of America was also situated here.

San Diego Mission Hill Valley is located in the southern coast of San Diego and north of down-town San Diego’s. This area was subdivided in 1980 and genuinely named as Mission Hill. Mission Hill is mainly based on residential areas. In the early 20th century it developed but many houses maintained the architectural style of that time. The many constructions of this place are all made by leading architectural designers, including William Hebbard, William Templeton Johnson, Emmor Brooke Weaver, Nathan Rigdon, Richard Requa, Joel E. Brown and others.

San Diego University Heights is located in down-town San Diego, surrounded by Park Avenue and Adams Avenue. This area has many restaurants, cafés, boutiques and art studios. There is a lot of nightly entertainment and the many neighbouring restaurants, bars, cafés and night clubs are easy to reach.

The west area of San Diego includes Old Town, Pacific Beach, Point Loma Heights, Roseville-Fleetridge and more.

The Central Region of San Diego

Golden Hill is the city of San Diego with the most historical buildings, there are many houses and apartments from the pre-19th century. From here to the city centre, the City College and Balboa Park are at walking distance. Every year, two music concerts are being held in Golden Hill. There is a free admission for outdoor music concerts and are organized by local artists and musicians, attracting audiences of all ages.

The South Park area in San Diego is mainly for single families and has many flats and one-story houses. Worth mentioning is that here there are many Spanish style handicrafts and constructions. Everything was constructed in the period between 1905-1930, including works from Irving Gill, William S. Hebbard and Richard Requa. South Park is well-known for its small-scale companies, income, age, sexual orientation and ethnic variety.

San Diego Bankers Hill is located in the south part of Laurel Avenue and the western Fifth Avenue. Laurel Avenue itself is located in the south and west of Fifth Avenue. This area has many new construction projects which are being implemented. Going gradually westward, one is able to overlook the city centres panoramic views, docks area, airport, Coronado Islands, Port archipelago and more.

Other districts of the central region in San Diego include Barrios Logan, City Heights, Down-town Memorial, Middletown, Sherman Heigths and more.

San Diego Eastern region districts

Allied Gardens is located in the eastern white-collar area of San Diego. Its east and north area are respectively divided into San Carlos and Del Cerro, the west and south are divided into the white-collar College Area and Grantville. The entertainment centre and swimming pool of Allied Gardens are located at Greenbrier Avenue, the small-scale business district is located at Orcutt and Zion of Waring Road. Here there are a lot of parks and schools and a well living environment. San Carlos is situated in the middle-class community of San Diego. Its surrounding areas include Del Cerro, Lake Murray, Tierrasanta, Navajo, Allied Gardens, La Mesa and Mission Trails. The community centre includes Patrick Henry High School, community parks and entertainment.

East regions districts of San Diego also include Birdland, Del Cerro, Grantville, Kearny Mesa, Lake Murray and many more.

San Diego Southern Region Districts

San Ysidro is located at the southern tip of San Diego, the north being closely linked with Mexico. In 1957, it was annexed by San Diego. Despite the fact that they are all independent national cities, Chula Vista, Coronado, Imperial Beach, San Ysidro and other districts are connected with the city borderline at 400 feet.

Other districts in the Souther region of San Diego include Egger Highlands, Imperial Beach, Nestor, Ocean Crest and more.

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No doubt San Diego will offer you a truly unforgettable experience!

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