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Rome is one of the oldest city in the whole World. Rome is also called "The Eternal City". It is located on a curve of River Tiber within a few kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea. The tradition says that Rome was named after the brothers Remo and Romolo on the 21th April of 753 BC.
Rome is the third most visited European city due to its ancient and archaic beauty. This city has been for more then 1.000 years the capital of the Roman Emperor. The city's breath-taking architectures and monuments make Rome one of the more fascinating, enchanting and charming city in the entire World.

Rome's charisma and beauty is not just due to its vintage society, but it is also the hearth of the Christian-Catholic religion. Rome is a metropolis which has a little country, also known as the Vatican, which is the place of a prominent religious organization head. Vatican does not belong to Italy, but it is also a country where you can see some of the most distinguished works of art in the whole World. This does not only make Rome a historically wealthy town but also a city abundant with art and culture.

The Rome's historical center has been declared as the World heritage site by UNESCO. From the year 1871 Rome is the Italy's capital and it is also the fourth metropolitan area for person number in Europe after London, Berlin and Madrid. In 2007, there was 26,000,000 tourists and help further to increase the number of people in the amazing city of Rome.


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