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The best Rome clubs

New Egon

Address: Via Ostiense 137
Working hours: day and evening
Working days: Tuesday and weekend
Kind of pub: club, restaurant-music cabaret

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The New Egon is a very enjoyable club. This awesome and hyped club is open early in the morning and during the day. It is the ideal location for a breakfast or for quick lunch break. After the dinner, the restaurant become a club, with special Tuesday events dedicated to the Latin American music and on Friday special there is revival, happy and dance and on Saturday there is dance and house music. With the new aspect of the New Egon club, it has now a very captivating atmosphere.


Address: Via di monte testaccio, 65
Working hours: from 12pm to 5am
Working days: Weekend
Kind of pub: club

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The Spice club is situated where before there was the Nottinsolite. Inside there are two rooms, one for Pop, Revival and Happy music and the other for house-music. Both rooms can host private parties and including a private bar. This disco is fascinating and famous for the different types of parties such as toga parties, student foam parties etc.


Address: via levanna, 11
Working hours: from 23 to 4.30am
Working days: from Thursday to Saturday
Kind of pub: club, theatre, political centre

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The Brancaleone is a different pub which has been recently reconstructed. In the past, the Brancaleone was a political centre and now it is a well-known pub in the zone, especially for tourists and students. There are different type of events every evening. On Saturday there is a huge blast with Eclettica, Dozzy, Trodini and Rumi, Friday there is Firewater, Dj Sat and live sets, shows and exhibitions and finally on Thursday there is One-Love.

La Nuit

Address: via cesare beccaria, 22
Working hours: every evening
Kind of pub: club, music club, private party

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La Nuit, is a club with a very distinct Roman History where many of the most famous Italian DJs started their career. After a huge renovation, “La Nuit” has a much more enthralling look. One the exclusive event of this month is “Young Saturdays”. Those incredible events are specially organised for the under 18 in the afternoon with Ibiza atmosphere and plenty of house music.

Nana Club

Address: Piazza Umberto Elia Terracini, 10
Working hours: from 23
Working days: Saturday
Kind of pub: club, music club

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Nana club is the new of the Roman evenings with a highly new design and interior décor as well as enthralling the ideal Cosmo-European environment. It is of the better in regards to flexibility due to its spaciousness that can be easily changed with the different parties or numbers of customer number.


Address: Via degli argonauti, 20
Working hours: Friday and Saturday
Kind of pub: club, music club

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The Saponeria is one of the most well-known clubs in Rome, it is the Libetta Village strength. On Saturday there is always a hip-hop party, and this type of music matches the ideal dimension of the club. There is also dancehall, soul R&B and rap music to be selected with famous intercontinental DJs. The One-Night start at 22.30 where guests are offered movies until midnight, gadgets and even cocktail. On Friday nights there is the “Dinamo”, which is a kind of musical factory that host the best of deep music, minimal and electro.


Address: Via dell'anima, 57
Working hours: from 19 to 3.30am
Working days: every evening
Kind of pub: club, cocktail bar

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Anima is a club of Rome, that is open every evening. Guests are offered many kind of drinks such as cocktails and delicious snacks with fruit. The music is a incredible selection of the minimal, black, dance and new house hits and the club. With its perfect location in the city of Rome, Anima club is visited by a lot of tourists.


Address: Via di monte testaccio, 48b
Working hours: from 22 to 5am
Working days: Every day
Kind of pub: pub-club

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Coyote club has an amazing location, in fact it is situated on an hill called "Monte dei Cocci" and from here the landscape on the Eternal City is breathtaking. The Coyote is converted to an outdoor club in the summer time and in the winter is framed as an indoor club. This give the perfect solution for the people who would like to have a drink with their friens after dinner or even enjoy a fantastic evening in the club. In fact this pub was converted into a club just after 12pm and offer one of the best musical selections of Rome.

Caffé Latino

Address: Via Di Monte Testaccio, 96
Working days: Weekend
Kind of pub: club live-music

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Caffe Latino is an excellent club opened in the "Monte Testaccio" Caves, where the atmosphere is always familiar, enjoyable and there is an extremely entertaining environment. Caffe Latino is located in the centre of the Roman night-life, with a high pub and club density that instantly converts this place into heaven. The atmosphere is always fantastic and comfortable with people from different backgrounds. The musical planning includes many kinds of music such as funk, blues, rock and acid jazz.


Address: Via Del Plebiscito, 101
Working hours: from the aperitif to late in the night
Working days: Every day
Kind of pub: Club disco-pub, cocktail bar

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Scolars club is opened for many years now and it has been renewed with a radical re-styling that brought a charming Irish style to this club. Scolars Club has been voted as one of the most favourite place by thousands of young tourists who visit the magical capital of Italy every year. The club is a great venue that provide amazing evenings for leisure and entertainment. The DJs have many selection of music such as dancehall, R'n'b, hip-hop, etc. Since this is a Irish contemplated club, it a large beer variety like Mc Evans, Kikenny, Guinnes, etc are offered.


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