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Paris Transportation

Paris Accommodation Public Transport

Paris has a large , well maintained public transport system that covers a big part of the city.

No need to worry about reaching your accommodation in Paris, just take the bus, metro, or the train. Enjoy your time in Paris and get around easily with public transport.

Paris Public Transport

The RATP operates the public transport system of Paris, which contains the Metro, day and nightbuses, Montmartrobus and Montmartre Railway and the RER trains. Except the RER trains, you can buy one ticket for all of them, individual ones or a 10 ticket pass, even better the Paris Visite pass, which enables you to travel for a certain amount of days in the zones of your choice without limitation!

Paris Subway

Paris' subway is one of the oldest and finest metro systems in Europe. It is safe, fast and comfortable and covers over 124 miles(200 kilometers) with 370 stations that are spread all over the area of Paris.

The subway lines are numbered from 1 to 15, and the directions is given by the name of the last station. You have to validate your ticket before you enter the subway, and you may be asked to show it during the ride. The platforms are signed, and you can change lines without buying a new ticket.

Paris' subway runs from 05h30m until 00h30m, you can have subway maps at every station.

Paris Bus

The Paris buses are numbered and begin their routes at 06h30m, and usually start their last drive around 20h-21h30m, but there are some which ride until midnight, after that the nightbuses take over at 1h till 5h, but these are labeled with letters not numbers. You can find maps for day- and nightroutes inside the buses or at the bus stop.

The routes are outlined at the bus stops and in the buses. You should signal the driver to stop if only a few people wait at the bus stop. There is a special bus called the Montmartrobus, number 64, that drives in the Montmartre district. Only the name is special, the fare stays the same though.

Paris RER Train

The 5 RER trains, named A till E, travel to the suburbs of Paris and have the same timeline as the subway, from 5h30m until 00h30m. You can use the subway tickets for the RER trains if you stay inside the subway system. If you go farther you have to pay an extra fare, for example if you go to the airports, Versailles or to Disneyland Paris, as displayed on the map.

The Montmartre Funicular railway transports you up and town the hill to La Basilique du Sacre Coeur, one ticket is needed for each direction.

Paris Public Transport Tickets

Paris Public Transport

Tickets for the public transport can be bought at the subway stations, from the bus drivers and some bus stations.

You can also get it at registered retailers that show the RATP sign, like tobacconists or bookshops.

A single ticket costs about £1.30 (€1.50), a 10 ticket pass about £9.80(€11.10).

Special buses have special fares. The Roissybus costs £7.10(€8.00), Orlybus will charge you about £4.90(€5.50), nightbus tickets vary depending on the destination and can only be bought on the bus.

If you want to spare yourself some time waiting in a line for a ticket, buy the Paris Visite Pass! This unique pass enables you to travel in Paris with all the public services and is the best way to get around in Paris. The Paris Visite Pass consists of a ticket and a travel card and requires no picture!

With this pass you have unlimited rides inside of Paris with the subway, day- and nightbus, RER-Train(metro region!), SNFC trains, Montmartre Funicular and the Montmartrobus.

You can buy it for 1, 2, 3 or 5 days, for 3 or 6 zones. It is available in every subway station, bus terminus sales windows, airports, SNFC train stations and in the Paris Tourist offices. The pass becomes valid when you first use it, not when you buy it, so you can buy it in advance.

Make sure to write your full name on the travel card and the serial number of the card on the ticket, as well as the planned start date. Travel card and ticket must be kept together and shown if requested!

Paris Airport Transfer

There are two international airports in Paris, the Orly airport, 10 miles to Paris, and the Charles de Gaulle airport, about 20 miles. There are many ways to reach both of them.


The Orlybus drives from the mass transit system in the city centre to Orly Sud and Orly West Air Terminal, taking about one hour. Have a look at the transportation map to get more information.


Orlyval is the most reliable transport system from the city centre of Paris to Orly airport. Look at the Transportation Map of the Orlyval to gain more insight.


The Roissybus transports you from the city centre of Paris to Charles de Gaulle airport comfortable and easily. The travel time is approximately 60 minutes, as you can see on the timetable and on the transportation map.

For more detailed information on airport transportation, please visit Gift-Tours or contact us!

Paris Orly Airport

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