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Orlando Attractions and Tours

On your vacation to Orlando there is to much to see with to little time, the best way to see the best of Orlando attractions is by visiting the most well known attractions such as

Walt Disney world

Imagine for one second a place where the magic comes to life in a world with sparkle, witches, cartoons, and your favourite Walt Disney films, Walt Disney World/ Resort will give you the freedom of a lifetime. Explore the breathtaking attractions which will leave you wanting more. Walt Disney is designed for the imagination of the whole family both young and old.

Universal Studios

Looking for excitement? Universal studios Orlando give you that chance where you feel part of your favourite films Universal Studios is known to be the best film theme park known to man. You will find various attractions that will keep you feeling like a star.

Sea World

Explore the wonders of the deep at Sea World where it is possible to be up close and personal with killer whales, polar bears, sting rays, and swim with dolphins. Experience the live performance of Shamu the whale or take a ride on one of sea worlds most intense roller coaster Journey to Atlantis. You can take a stroll in the sea aquarium where there is thousands of sea animals swimming over you, Sea World is one of the most visited attraction in Orlando Florida.

Islands of Adventure

Find the second best of Universal Studios today at Islands Of Adventure. Islands of adventure opened in 2000 as part of universal studios which created a edge that made Universal Studios more famous as a theme park today.

Orlando Science Center

Enlightenment and drama entertainment begins by crossing a world of wonder. Are you saying that you’ve been there done that already you’ll think twice when it comes to Orlando Science Center. This center is full of surprises in which your adventure will never come to an end.

Kennedy Space Center

Prepare for take off at Kennedy Space Center 3,2,1 launch your self into space with Kennedy space shuttle simulator. At Kennedy Space Center it is possible to take photo that will live on in your memories. Seeing a live Space shuttle launching gives you the experience of a lifetime, visit the Apollo theatre and see the 3 men that took the risk to enter space for the first time in history. Be apart of Kennedy Space Center history.

Ripley's Believe It Or Not

Explore the weird and amazing mysteries of earth as the name says it all in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. Robert Ripley travels took him around the world in search of unbelievable and mysterious things. Robert Ripley has over 27 museums each in which has there own uniqueness about them. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not offers the excitement of its collection to everyone, and is known by tourist as the most spectacular place to visit.

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