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With over 13 million people streaming into the city everyday, New York is a cultural melting pot where you can feel and live the divesity all over the city. New York City has so much to offer in every part of the town!

New York City has five different boroughs that make up the entire city including the island of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island. And in Manhattan alone, there are several areas that combine to a rich, cultural environment, as you can see in our New York City Guide.


On the island of Manhattan there are dozens of neighborhoods that make up this borough. Manhattan is composed of three divisions; Uptown Manhattan, Midtown Manhattan, and Downtown Manhattan.

These areas of New York are the "must see" of the entire city and will enhance your experience to fullest. At every corner, on every street there is a subway station offering public transport all over New York City. The hustle and bustle of the crowded streets in New York maximizes the intensity of the huge city!

Midtown Manhattan

Midtown Manhattan is the area that is world-renowned and displays the staple image of New York City. In Midtown Manhattan there is so much to do, and before you know it, your day will pass by with a snap of fingers!

New York Hotels Accommodations SightseeingMidtown Manhattan provides great areas such as Rockefeller Center, Madison Square, and the famous Times Square! Do not forget the Broadway shows, with the world’s most famous plays performed daily by the most talented actors, dancers, singers and artists.

Times Square sometimes called the “Cross Roads of the World” is the main attraction of New York! Formerly the New York Times headquarters hence its name, Times Square is filled with gigantic digital advertisements across the high rises and skyscrapers, leaving you overwhelmed by bright, beaming lights in Midtown Manhattan!

Uptown Manhattan

Uptown Manhattan offers a variety of different neighborhoods that are affiliated with the residential side of New York City. The most famous of these are the Upper East Side,where you will find the beautiful Central Park. In Upper West Side,you can enjoy music at its finest at the Metropolitan Opera and Harlem. In Uptown Manhattans you will find a diverse cultural atmosphere with elite celebrities and businesspeople, artists, and musicians.

Downtown Manhattan

New York Hotels Accommodations

Lastly Downtown Manhattan is a compilation of all types. Downtown Manhattan offers such neighborhoods as the Financial District, where you can visit the Wall Street. Greenwich Village hosts beautiful houses and also the world class New York University, and Battery Park. Come and see in Downtown Manhattan the fast paced life of businesspeople on Wall Street, the bohemian university lifestyles of Greenwich Village, and the ports of Battery Park leading to Lady Liberty herself!

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New York City Guide

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