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U2 Concert San Siro

Milan and in particular San Siro will host the amazing concert of U2" on July 7th, the second date of their 306° tour, after their début in Barcelona at Nou Camp Stadium.
During the summer they will be in the major European cities such as Paris, London, Nice, Berlin, Glasgow and Cardiff and they will arrive in USA in early September with their first date on September 12 in Chicago.
"No line on the Horizon", their last album and the twelfth of the band, is the number one in the European charts with its phenomenal songs and Bono Vox's wonderful voice. A specialness of this 360° tour will be the stage structure that will allow the fans a 360° vision.
The cost of tickets is for the 85% less than 95 Euro, to allow all their fans to follow them. Tickets are on sale from March Friday 13.
Some information about U2: the group was born in 1978 and the four teenagers initially called themselves Feedback with Bono on vocals, The Edge on guitar, Adam and Larry on bass and drum.
They became The Hype and then the U2, building a reputation based on the passion of their performances.
U2 firs single " Three" was released in May 1980.

Expo 2015 Milan

Milan will hosts the Expo in 2015 with the Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life theme, including everything related to the feeding and would cover topics such as the lack of food in the world, obesity and feeding education.
The first Universal Exposition was to Paris in 1889, when the Eiffel Tower was built for the occasion.
Milan had already hosted the Universal Exposition in 1906 with the transport theme and was a great success: the estimate for 2015 Universal Exposition expect a turnout of 29 million visitors in 6 months of exposure, the creation of 70,000 new jobs places, 7.000 events and 20 billion Euro' s for the construction and re-qualification of infrastructures.
The EXPO will be placed in the new district of Milan Fair Rho-Pero, with its 1.1 million m²: the participating countries are 120, China was the first to make official its presence in 2001.
The most important objectives of this exhibition are the improvement of food quality and safety to cope with malnutrition, world hunger, the prevention of social diseases such as obesity, the development of research and technology, the education for a proper diet and the preservation of the bio-diversity and environment respect.

Milan City Life

City life is the name of a companies network that won the international tender for the redevelopment of the historic Milan fair area, after the creation of the new one in Rho-Pero.
The offer is about 523 million Euro' s and foresees the creation of a functional and modern district organized in to large public spaces, residential buildings, a green area of 160,000 m², 5 km of bicycle paths and the Museum of Design.
The only building that will not be demolished is the indoor sports arena which will become the Palazzo delle Scintille, a cultural centre for children and elderly people.
The project was created by Arate Isozom, Daniel Libeskind, Zaha Hadid and Pier Paolo Maggiora, and provides the construction of 3 amazing skyscrapers: The Straight, which will become the highest of Italy with its 220 meters and 50 floors, The Twisted and The Curved. The project began in 2007 and it will be finished in 2015.

Milan fashion district

A Fashion district of 680 million Euro will rise in Milan at the end of 2009, a meeting place for fashion and design.
The architect Cesar Pelli has conceive this project: this district will arise in Garibaldi-Repubblica area, on a round square, between the entrance of Como street and of Garibaldi station.
Around this main square some buildings are constructed with steel and glass, that rise up all the skyline, the highest of which should be nearly of 150 meters. Near the square there will be a Museum of fashion and a park of 108 thousand m², named The Trees Library: the park will be structured around a network of paths through plants, herbs and flowers and in the project there is also a museum of insects.
The area will be organized in to 15,000 m² of residential area, 50,485 m² for tertiary , 10,000 m² for commercial (with shop and store), 15000 m² with accommodations, restaurants, pubs and bars, 20000 m² for the Fashion Museum for a total of more than 110,000 m².
This project will provide to Milan a cheaper fashion area that does not scare the high fashion designers of Via Montenapoleone.

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