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Best Restaurants of Milan

El Brellin

Adress: Vicolo dei Lavandai, Alzaia Naviglio Grande,14 Milan
Telephone: +390258101351 +390289402700
Opening hours: From Monday to Saturday from 12:30 a.m-2:30 p.m , and from 7.15 p.m-1.00 a.m. Kitchen closing at 11.00 p.m and brunch on Sunday from 12.30 a.m to 3.00p.m.
Cuisine: Milanese specialities, Lombard recipes

The Brellin restaurant is one of the best restaurants of Milan where you can taste the Italian cuisine and the Milanese specialities in an intimate, charming and elegant atmosphere: The Brellin restaurant is placed in an ancient 8th century house of Milan,in Navigli area, the old Milan where nowadays you can find fashionable pubs, discos, clubs and restaurants attended by the young people of Milan.
The house is finely de-cored and furnished, remembering the past of the washerwomen who used to wash the clothes into the Naviglio.
It is a peaceful location even if in the young area of the city and it offers to its customers a romantic restaurant to enjoy their stay in Milan with their family or lovers.
Placed in a central place of Milan this restaurant is easy to reach by underground (Line2, stop at Porta Genova), by bus 59, by tram 9-29-30(stop at Via Vigevano) and by tram 15(stop at Piazza XXIV Maggio).

Le biciclette

Adress: C/ Via Torti, at the corner of Corso Genova
Telephone: +39028394177
Opening hours: From Monday to Sunday 8.00 p.m.-12.00 p.m , Friday and Saturday until 1.00 a.m.Every day happy hour 6.00 p.m-9.30 p.m. from Thuesday to Satuday also pizza.
Cuisine: Italian and International cuisine, pizza

Le Biciclette is one of the most famous cultural restaurants of Milan: it offers a modern art exhibition that changes every month and where you can read books and magazines and relax yourself with his music during the brunch on Sunday.
Le biciclette is a fashionable, warm restaurant furnished in a hi-tech, minimalist way, famous in all Milan.
In its menu you can find a long list of Italian and International food, tasting meat or fish at good prices, and also a wide offer of national and international wines. Le biciclette restaurant has been chosen as one of the best restaurants in Milan for the restaurant guide "Il Gambero Rosso" in 2002.
Reach it if you want to have good taste and good price.

Il maggiolino

Adress: Viale Liguria,47
Telephone: +390289423309
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday
Cuisine: Meat

Have you ever heard the name "finger food"? In a finger food restaurant you can't find cutlery because you have to eat everything with your fingers: forget good manners!
Il maggiolino is the biggest finger food restaurant of Milan and of Europe: a warm and friendly restaurant for groups of friends and families where you can choose a lot of different single courses: simple but really tasty food, such as steaks, sausages, chops and vegetables.
It is a very big restaurant with good prices and the food is always delicious.
In this restaurant you prepare your own beer from a 3.5 litre container and you do not have to pay for the service and for the place, but only for what you eat and drink.

Zio pesce

Adress: Via Cicco Simonetta,8, Navigli, Milano
Telephone: +390258109145
Opening hours: To Monday to Saturday from 7.30 p.m. to 12.00 p.m.
Cuisine: Fish

Zio Pesce is one of the best fish restaurants of Milan for its good cuisine and prices.
It offers you only fresh fish and for this reason the menu changes every day according to the availability in the fish market: they offer you sea-fish such as scallops and clams.
The restaurant presents you a long fish menu where you can find different types of cooking, according to you own liking and also a wide range of wine, offering more than 100 qualities of Italian wine.
The restaurant is really elegant to enjoy a romantic dinner in Milan with its classic furniture and its attention on details and decorations.
It offers to its customers also a take-away service.

Al cuoco di bordo

Adress: Via gluck,11
Telephone: +29026691873
Opening hours: From Tuesday to Sunday
Cuisine: Fish

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Al cuoco di Bordo is a restaurant out of the city centre of Milan but easy to find.
The restaurant's stuff offers you a long seafish menu where you can choose all kind of fish and shellfish.
The food is really palatable and and you will taste your couses in a nautical atmosphere: the restaurant is decorated and furnished with all kinds of nautical equipment as sails and anchors.
The service is very professional and friendly. This is one of the best restaurants in Milan where to enjoy a romantic evening.

Antica pizzeria da Giulio

Adress: San Gottardo, 38, Milan
Telephone: +39028392333
Cuisine: Pizza and Italian food

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The Antica pizzeria da Giulio is one of the most famous pizzeria of Milan and definitely the most ancient of the city.
Here you can find the best Italian pizza that you have ever taste: the dough is narrow, fluffy and fragrant and they use only the best ingredients.
In the menu you can choose between more than 50 kinds of pizza but you can also create it by your own. This pizzeria offers you also a restaurant service with Italian and International recipes.
The atmosphere is friendly, warm and you will eat in a rural, new renovate restaurant.

Nami Sushi Rest

Adress: Corso di Porta Nuova Ticinese,6 Navigli Milan
Telephone: +390289401415
Opening hours: From Tuesday to Sunday 11.30 a.m - 2.30 p.m. 7.00 p.m.- 11.30 p.m.
Cuisine: Sushi and Japanese food

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If you want to try different culinary traditions or if you miss your own one, you can reach this famous Japanese restaurant that offers you an incredible menu.
Basically a Japanese sea-menu but also offers new recipes raised from the union between the Japanese and the Italian tradition, to offer new ideas and new modern tastes.
Their creations are prepared only with fresh fish and ingredients to ensure the best quality of the courses. The rooms are fully decorated with ethnic materials such as bamboo and wood to create an elegant,and intimate restaurant.

Don Juan Argentino

Adress: Via Altaguardia,1 Navigli Milan
Telephone: +390258430805
Opening hours: From Monday to Saturday 07.30p.m.- 12.30p.m.
Cuisine: Argentin food

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The Don Juan Argentino is considered by a lot of newspapers and reviews to be the best Argentinian restaurant in Italy for its delicious menu composed by different meaty courses. It is placed in one of the best known areas of Milan, i Navigli, where you can find a lot of pubs and clubs to go after the dinner in this amazing restaurant.
The restaurant is divided into four big rooms and its setting is a reproduction of a country house; the atmosphere is friendly, informal, warm and rural. The meat is the protagonist of the menu and it is directly taken from the best Angust breeding of the world to ensure the best experience to their customers. The meat is prepared in a Parillo placed in the rooms so the customers can see the preparation of the food.
Reservation is required.

Rangoli Indian restaurant

Adress: Via Solferino, 36 Milan
Telephone: +390229005333
Opening hours: Every day 07.00 p.m. - 11.30 p.m. , from Tuesday to Friday also from 12.30 a.m. to 02.00 p.m. . Brunch on Sunday
Cuisine: Indian cuisine

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If you like the Indian spicy cuisine this is the best restaurant of all Milan thanks to their 23 years experience.
The Rangoli restaurant shows you the typical Indian culture and atmosphere with their colours and materials: the staff is very professional and friendly, entirely Indian, from the waitresses to the chef to ensure the authentic Indian cuisine.
Rangoli restaurant offers you also a take away service to enjoy their creations also at your home.
The menu is full of spicy, tasting, palatable courses for every-ones desire.

Il Cortese

Adress: Via Gherardini, 1 area Parco Sempione, Milan
Telephone: +390236557743
Opening hours: From Monday to Saturday lunch 12.00 a.m-3.00 p.m dinner 7.30 p.m-12.00 p.m
Cuisine: Italian cuisine

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Il cortese restaurant welcomes you in a simple, informal, friendly atmosphere among candles and soft draperies with their motto: eat but with art.
Il cortese is placed in a central position in Milan: you can easily find it in the heart of the city, near one of the most famous monuments of Milan, l'Arco della Pace.
A traditional restaurant where you can eat whatever you want from Milanese food to International one: meat, fish and Italian traditional pasta as macaroni and vermicelli dressed with the most delicious Italian sauces. They offer you a long list of national and international wines.

Restaurant L'Assassino

Adress: Via Amedei, 8 Milan
Telephone: +39028056114
Cuisine: Luxury Tuscan Cuisine

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The restaurant L'Assassino is one of the most famous restaurants in Milano for its VIP customers: thanks to its history and courses this restaurant is attended by actors, artists, business men, politicians and by the famous Italian football team Milan.
Opened in 1951, they offer you the best Tuscan food tradition in a luxurious, opulent and amazing atmosphere. Placed in the heart of the city of Milan, near Piazza Duomo, it is the best place to enjoy your meal and it is considered the best restaurant of Milan by the hardest to please customers.

Al Basilico Fresco

Adress: Viale Abruzzi, 21 Milan
Telephone: +39229516529
Opening hours: Every day 12.30 a.m.-2.30 p.m 7.30 p.m-12.00 p.m
Cuisine: Mediterranean cooking and pizza

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Al Basilico Fresco is a typical Italian restaurant in Milan where you can experience the best Mediterranean food and Italian pizza. As well as the traditional Italian pizza they offer a biological pizza prepared with biological cornflour and soya flour: a light, healthy dough but really tasty. The customers can choose between different kinds of pizza and they can choose the combination of ingredients that they prefer. They have also a restaurant service where they prepare and cook typical Italian food such as different kinds of fresh pasta.
Enjoy Italian food in a friendly and warm atmosphere with yellow walls and brasserie setting.

Bice Restaurant

Adress: Via Borgospesso, 12 Milan
Telephone: +390276002572 +3902795528
Opening hours: Sunday closed
Cuisine: Italian food

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Bice is the name of the first owner of this famous restaurant, a friendly Tuscan woman who has brought to fever the popularity of this restaurant, nowadays the rendezvous of business men, VIP's, artists, politicians who have their lunch or brunch.
This is the symbol of Milan 's good cuisine. The menu shows different kind of brunch related to the habits of the customers: Mediterranean, Meaty, Vegetarian or light brunch.
Easy to find, the restaurant is placed near Via Montenapoleone and offers a range of different cuisine such as fish, meat, soups, risotto and other Italian pasta. If you want to experience one of the most fashion restaurants of Milan you have to go there.


Adress: Via Ascanio Sforza, 29 Navigli Milano
Telephone: +390289289129
Opening hours: Closed every day for lunch except on Sunday
Cuisine: Pizza

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The pizzeria Aquavite is well placed into the old Milan, in the Navigli area, nowadays the young area of the city for its pubs, restaurants, pizzeria and clubs.
If you want to eat the real Neapolitan pizza you have to go there: you will find more than 40 different types of pizza, where and you can combine the ingredients that you prefer.
Aquavite uses for its pizza the traditional wood stove to create a fragrant, narrow and soft dough. The restaurant is careful to details, young and warm. In the menu you will find also tits, white pizza, calzone and bruschetta, typical Italian food. The food is very simple but also very tasty.

La malmaison

Adress: Via Comune Antico, 27 Milan
Telephone: +390267101302
Opening hours: Closed at lunch
Cuisine: Row fish, Italian, French, Spanish food

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La malmaison is a refined restaurant of Milan where you can taste especially row fish directly from the Seas of Northern Europe but in the menu you can find a large selection of Italian, French, Spanish food, basically fish as oysters, snails, sea truffles, shrimps and prawns and a long list of International wines.
The atmosphere is suffused, produced by candles and chandeliers. This restaurant is the best place for romantic and elegant dinners.

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