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Madrid Entertainment Guide

Madrid is a great city which has great things to offer for every body! Your stay in Madrid is probably to short to visit all the things you definitely should see! Find everything you need in the beauty of Madrid.

The art of Madrid(ballet, concerts and theatres)
The art of Madrid is large. You can find every musical, theatre or other show very easily in the way that you like it. Teatro Espanol for example offers all kind of theatres from comedies till classics shows. Teatro de la Zarzuela offers functions like ballet and classical shows. Teatro Marvillas is especially focused on current shows. The Centro Cultural de la villa offers shows for everybody that likes arts expositions but it offers you also concerts from all big artists. Finally is the Teatro Alfil a good option for especially alternative shows.
You can visit Madrid theatres in the most comfortable way! Madrid is one of the places with the most beautiful theatres-areas, so by visiting Madrid you should definitely visit any musical you like!

Madrid is a city with most of the time nice weather, but when the weather is not that nice, going to the cinema is a nice and relaxing option! Madrid offers you the newest films in the way you want it. Some of the most visited cinemas in Madrid are LaNetro, Todo Cine and El Pais. Cinemas in Madrid are visit able every day of the week at all the times you prefer. The prices are very reasonable and tickets are available from even €6- Most of the films in Madrid are dubbed in Spanish, but there are some theatres with the original version with Spanish subtitles! Like I said before, you can find everything you are looking for easily in Madrid.

Nightlife Madrid
Madrid is a world city that never sleeps, the Spanish people would say “Hay Mucha Fiesta”... Madrid offers night-life as bars, cafeterias and restaurants for whatever preferences, age or nationality. You can find fiestas, flamenco shows, music bars, clubs and student hangs-outs in areas of Madrid. No worries about celebrating your night in Madrid, because you can find ANYTHING!
Feel safely securely and no queueing by night-life in the great Madrid. The pubs in Madrid offer you a nice comfortable place where you can have a nice drink and most of the time you can also have a nice snack. The clubs and pubs are open till 3-4 in the early morning. A few very famous clubs in Madrid are Joy Eslava Disco, Palacio Gaviria by Zlur, Palacio(Salsa) and Cafe el Moderne. By visiting Madrid you should absolutely join the night life. You will absolutely enjoy your time with nice people around you in a good atmosphere. Experiment also the typical chocolate Con Churron after your club-night in Madrid - a delicious meal to end your night in Madrid on a perfect way!

Madrid offers everybody a large ‘shopping’ opportunity. The most convenient area in Madrid for tourists is the Calle de Prediados and the Puerta de Sol! You can find all different kind of shops, from Zara till big brands like Chanel, Versace and Hugo Boss.

The big brand names are mainly to find in the Calle Ortega y Gasset. When you visit Madrid around January till July you can find bargains of sales! The real pickpockets should definitely visit the famous flea market(located around Ribera de Curtidores). This market is open on all the Sunday mornings – till 14:00pm. The general shops in Madrid are open from 09:30am to 13:30pm and 16:30pm to 20:30pm.

Puerta del Sol to Calleo Aquare is a touristic place in Madrid where you can find all your needs in different shops with many facilities like books, music, clothing shoes and many more. Also if you are not a big shopacoholic is Calleo Puerta del Sol a nice place to visit! By shopping in Madrid you will definitely spent a lot of money. You find all your needs in boutiques, specialty shops, supermarkets and all other kind of shops.

Football Club Real Madrid
The most successful club and team in Spanish football with thirty-one La Liga titles, seventeen Spanish Cups, two UEFA Cups and a record of nine European Cubs! This concluded that Real Madrid absolutely should be visited.
Visiting the Santiago Barnabeu Stadium, the home ground of Real Madrid’s football team is a very popular sightseeing in Madrid. Match an introductory sightseeing tour of Madrid with a visit to Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, home ground of the legendary Real Madrid football team. Sightseeing and football – it's the perfect mix! The stadium is located in one of the most important arteries of Madrid: Paseo de la Castellana. The stadium is approximate 4,5 km North-East from the city centre. The stadium is very easily reachable by buses(line: 14,27,40,43,120 and 150) or by metro (station Santiago Barnabeu line 10) You can also book a day trip through the Real Madrid stadium for reasonable prices. The tours will include a panoramic view, dressing rooms, the field and the trophies exhibition.

Madrid's sight seeing
You can not stop looking sight seeings in Madrid. There are so many nice things to see in Madrid.. Especially the Plaza Mayor is a very popular square in Madrid! Also the Royal Palace a modeled after the Vailles Palace is very loved by all the tourist and habitants of Madrid.
Visiting the most famous park in Madrid is a nice opportunity to relax and see something from the environment of Madrid: Parque del Buen Retiro. If you want to see many attraction building in one street? You should absolutely walk along the Gran Via street. Something very new but very loved by everybody who’s visiting Madrid is the New Cathedral. At leas the Plaza de España is absolutely worth a visit, this monument is dedicated(in 1993) by Madrid's most famous writer Miguel de Cervantes.

Bull fights Madrid
One of the most famous thing from Spain is the Bull fight! Especially Madrid is a very famous places where Bull fights still happens. Las Ventas is a popular arena in Madrid for bull fights. The arena is located in Guindalea and was inaugurated in 1931. This arena in Madrid is considered as the centre of bullfights in Spain and even in the world.
The bull fighting season starts in March and ends in October. The fights are suitable on every Sunday. During the San Isidro they organize every day a fight! Especially on 12 October(the Spanish National Day). Fights are starting in the late afternoon and last for two or three hours. You should absolutely visit the Las Ventas in Madrid, one of the most famous things in Spain! The Las Ventas is very easy reachable by Metro(stop on line 2 and 5) or one of the city buses that stop near the building.

Museums and Palaces in Madrid
Madrid is a historic city with many museums and palaces. You should absolutely visit one of the most famous museums in the world like the ‘Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia’ this is a culture centre that collect Spanish contemporary art. They also offer temporary exhibitions and they cover divers disciplines like painting, video, photography, films etc.
You have also the opportunity to visit the Museo Sorolla, Musseo Arqueologico Nacional, Museo de la Ciudad or the Museo del Ejército. Something you should definitely visit in Madrid is the ‘Palacio Real’ a very touristic place in Madrid where are very important rooms. In particular its architecture and gardens, but there are also some great frescos inside the palace by El Greco, Juan de Flandes and Caravaggio!
Many many entertainment in Madrid! If you really want to see everything in Madrid you should not wait any longer, and visit the beautiful capital of Spain!

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