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All four airport terminals at Heathrow are within easy reach of the extensive London Underground system. Heathrow is situated on the Piccadilly Line (one of the main lines of the system) which makes it very easy to reach central London in about 45 minutes. Have small change ready to buy either a travel card (Heathrow is in Zone 6) or a one way/single ticket to your destination (about 3.50)

It is not recommended to take a taxi to central London from Heathrow as its very expensive (35+). Mini cabs, private cab drivers, also can be found but be sure to agree upon a price before getting in the cab, as sometimes mini cabs can rip you off.

London Regional Transport (Airbus) runs red double decker buses from all four airport terminals into the centre of London. They leave every 15-20 minutes and take about 40-60 minutes to get into town depending on the traffic. They cost from 7-10 pounds. The new service is the the Heathrow Express to Paddington station, it takes only 30 minutes, in summer when it is full operational it will take only 15 minutes to central London (amazing!)




Gatwick's north and south terminals are closely connected to the Gatwick Express train which takes half an hour to reach Victoria Train Station in central London. The express leaves roughly every 15 minutes during the day and hourly throughout the night. A ticket costs approximately 8-9 each way.

The green and gold Flightline 777 bus leaves Gatwick airport regularly, taking you to Victoria Coach Station in London, which is about a 15 minute walk from Victoria Train Station. The bus ride costs approximately 7-8 each way.

The cost of a taxi from Gatwick to central London is not something to consider-- approximately 40-50 at least!

London has one of the best and most extensive underground/subway systems in the world, and you will soon encounter it in your travels around London. It runs from approximately 6am to Midnight, and covers vast amounts of London. There are 6 zones.

Heathrow is at the far left of zone six, and major rail stations are also connected like Victoria, Kings Cross, Waterloo and Liverpool Street Stations.

At each station there are automatic machines to buy a ticket, or you can queue in line to purchase a ticket. You can get one day travel cards for under 4 as well as weekly and monthly passes, good for the underground and bus systems. Make sure your ticket covers the zones you intend to travel through, as they can be strict with their 10 penalty fines.

An international driver's license is valid for a full year. EC country passport holders as well as other foreign citizens may exchange their driver's licence for a British one. The cost is about 20 and the required forms are available from any post office. Contact the Driving Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) at 01792-772-151 for further information. Alternatively, you must retake the full British licence test. It costs about 40 and it is advisable to take a lesson or two from the British School of Motoring at 020 8-540-8262. They will supply you with a car and ensure that you have a good idea about some of the requirements of the practical test.

The law is very strict in the UK regarding driving under the influence of alcohol. Not only will you be fined heavily, but you may be barred from driving for some time. Police are constantly on the lookout for speeding and bad driving.


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