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Telefonieren in England ist nicht so viel verschiedener als anderswo. Die meisten roten Telefonzellen sind durch modernere neuauschauende Glasshaeuschen erzetzt wurden. Die meisten Telefonzellen nehmen Telefonkarten wie auch Muenzen. Telefonkarten koennen in vielen Geschaeften und Zeitungslaeden gekauft werden von £2.00 bis 20.00 pounds. 

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Many lands and mobiles phone numbers code have changed, for more details contact British telecom or oftel.

Phoning in England isn't too different from anywhere else. Most red phone boxes have been replaced by newer modern looking glass ones, and there are more competitors for phone services these days. Most phone boxes take phone cards as well as coins. Phone cards can be purchased from most convenience shops & newsagents, and come in many denominations from 2 to 20 pounds. 


It is also quite cheap to use Phone Centres, which are cheap ways to phone overseas. Even cheaper is to buy specialty phone cards, available in many convenience shops, where you can call overseas for half the price that British Telecom offers. You can use these cards at pay phones, or your home phone. These cards are available from 5 to 20 amounts, and a recorded voice advises you of time left when you use them.

One of the best card you can  buy is Studios92 phone card, saving up to 80% compared to Bt pay phone rates. The cheapest rates: USA:0.05 per minute & Australia 0.5 per minute, Europe 0.05 Silly prices you may think compared to Bt.

      And guess what? you get to keep the card after you finish with it.

We supply  the cards at Studios.  You can use it to call from your room or use it to hook up your computer to access the internet.


The cards are also sold in all the Hotels listed on our web site, just ask for Studios92 phone card, the card has a very nice design, so you get to keep it as a souvenir.

If you have too much money instead of wasting your money on buying BT (British telecom) phone cards, please donate the money to OXFAM.

To dial overseas, you dial 00+Country Code+Area code (minus 0)+ phone number. Example....00+64+3+555333.

London has only one area code: 020

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