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Is London Safe?
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A brief message from Sergeant Edwin.

Hi there - my name is Edwin and I am a Sergeant in the Dallas Police Department.  I was sent to London to research policing in immigrant communities in London.  I searched the net for a place to stay before I came over and found LTD who have been most helpful during my stay.  At their request, I am now writing a little about personal safety and security in London in order to try and answer some of the most frequently asked questions by the LTD www visitors.  I have been in London for two months already, and have one month to go before finishing my research and returning to Dallas at the end of July 1999.

p Q- Are there Pick pockets in London.?
Yes, mainly in central London where it gets very crowded during rush hour.  Just as in most large cities throughout the world,  pick pockets operate in groups and are usually very fast and efficient.  So if you carry your wallet in your back pocket or have your wallet in your back pack, beware !

f Q- Where else should I be aware of thieves?
The most common theft happens in restaurants and pubs, especially in central London where thieves prey on tourists.  If you put your bag on the floor you may lose it.

h Q- Is it safe at night?
Unlike some large US cities, you will see people walking late at night just about everywhere in London.
The ideal thing to do is to go out in groups since there is strength in numbers.

pQ- Are there NO GO areas in London?
The police in London do an excellent job of keeping people safe, no matter what part of town you are in.
However, just like anywhere else, if you are looking for trouble you can find it.  A little common sense goes a long way.

fQ- Violent crime?
Unlike other countries, guns in the UK are illegal, which makes policing a bit easier. Most police officers don't carry guns. Violent crime is considerably lower than the US, or South Africa ( I have never been there but have heard from other South African guests that South Africa is pretty violent).

h Q- What shall I do if somebody steals my wallet or purse from a restaurant?
You inform the Manager of the Restaurant who will dial 999 and ask for the Police, you will need a crime reference number in case you need to claim anything from your travel insurance, keep the crime number handy and don't forget to cancel your credit cards straight away, don't wait till the morning.

p Q- If my camera got stolen what are my chances to recover the camera?
Just like any big city, the chance is from slim to nothing, claim it from the insurance company and put it down to experience. Nowadays you can buy a very good and efficient camera for 30 pounds, so don't make a big fuss about it.

f Q- Is travel insurance really necessary ?
It is highly advisable to organize insurance, even if you are only visiting for one week.  Chances are you won't need to
 make a claim but just in case you do you'll be much better off. If you are bringing laptops or expensive camera
equipment then I would recommend it.

 h Q- A few words of advice.....
When you're out and about in London try not to look like a tourist. Yeah I can hear you laughing, but - the more you
look like a local the less trouble you are likely to have.  Don't wear your cameras around your neck or over your
shoulder, if you must - wear them inside a jacket.  The same goes for bum bags, they are then less obvious and accessible. For a girl on her own carrying a personal alarm can give a bit of confidence and may come handy.

p Q- A few words of advice.....
If you are further questions ,please discuss them with one of Ltd Managers, they are more than helpful.


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