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London English School
Computer school

256 Pentonville Road, 
Kings Cross
London N1 9JY England
English School
Business Studies
Computing Beginners & Advanced

Why should you attend Cosmopolitan College?

High Course Quality - Competitive Prices - Flexible Hours - Qualified Lecturers - Assistance with Visa - Easy Approach - Long Term, Short Term & Intensive Course

College information updated on 21/04/1999

Computer Department

Course Title Computer Literacy and Information Technology (CLAIT I)
Examination Body OCR (Oxford , Cambridge and Royal Society of Arts)
Syllabus Word Processing, Spreadsheet and Database (Beginners Level)
Duration Average 6 months

Course Title Integrated Business Technology (IBT II)
Examination Body OCR (Oxford , Cambridge and Royal Society of Arts)
Syllabus Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Database, Graphics and Integration  (Intermediate Level)
Duration Average 6 Months

Apart from above two courses computer department is running a wide rage of courses covering Word, Excel, Power Point and Access. Department is also running courses on Programming in Basic, Pascal, Visual Basic and C++. Computer Department has also launched a new course covering different aspects of Internet.

Course Fees

CLAIT I  and IBT II  :  700
COT-Word, Excel and Power Point : 900
Diploma In Office Technology : 1200
Access    :  1200
Programming Basic or Pascal : 1200
Visual Basic or C ++  : 1500
Internet    : 200 (Only 6 weeks course)

Student can start the course at any time.
Student has to attend the college on regular basis covering minimum 16 hours per week.

Business Studies Department

Office Skills
 New Era Shorthand
 Office Procedure
 Information Technology and Computing
 Word Processing
 Shorthand for Journalism and Media
 Business Studies

 Culminating in PITMAN examination qualifications.

Business Administration

 Office Technology

The course Fees for Business Studies is 500 per year.


  • English Department

 Department is running courses for different levels of study ranging from Beginners to advanced, also Teaching English as Foreign Language (TEL)
 Course fee is 500 700 per year.


Student can enrol at any time throughout the year.
Application Form and Syllabus can be obtained by writing at college address
Cosmopolitan College, 256 Pentonville Road, London, N1 9JY

Further Inquiries welcome
Phone : 020 7 8330730
Fax : 020 7 833 8045


English Department

Advanced English Courses

Preparation for University Entrance

Cambridge PET

First Certificate

Advanced Certificate

Proficiency Certificate

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

For those wishing to teach English to speakers of other languages - either in the UK or abroad.

Intensive Certificate courses held every six weeks over two weekends.

Computer Department

A wide range of part-time, full-time and intensive courses from beginner to advanced level with a flexible time table.

Introduction to Computers:

Getting Started

Typing Tutorials

PC Tutor


Introduction to Windows 95

MS Works 4.0 for Windows 95 Introduction

Learning MS Works

Word Processing



Using Works (with MS Works 4.0 Book)

About RSA: Royal Society of Arts Examination Board is one of the largest vocational examinations boards in the UK. Over 350 RSA schemes are offered by over 8,000 centers world-wide.

RSA Stage 1 - Computer Literacy and Information Technology Exam. Includes preparations with RSA CLAIT Book

Syllabus for RSA 1

Word Processing



Exam Rehearsal

RSA Stage 1 Exam

RSA Stage 2 - Integrated Business Technology II. Preparations with Advanced Information Tech. Assignments Book.

Syllabus for RSA Stage 2

Word Processing Using facilities to produce a multi-page document.

Spreadsheet-Create and use a spreadsheet to aid problem solving.

Database-Set up and use the facilities of a database structure.

Graphics (Charts)-Produce graphical representation of data.

Integration-integrate files and produce a document.

Office Technology

Certificate in Office Technology (Basic) Diploma in Office Technology (Advanced)

Introduction to Computers/Windows 95

Getting Started and Identifying Screen Parts

Handling Files

Control Panel

Handling Windows

Word 7.0 for Windows 95

Starting Word

Understanding the Toolbar

Blocking Text

Manipulating Text

Saving-Retrieving, Printing and Closing files

Changing Text Layout

Fonts and Styles

Defining Tabs & Indentation

Creating Tables*

Defining Columns*

Graphics & Inserting Pictures in Documents*

Microsoft Word Art*

Excel 7.0 for Windows 95

Starting Excel

Understanding Excel Screen

Opening, Saving, Printing & Closing Files

Cell Referencing

Moving around the worksheet

Entering and editing values



Workbook and Worksheet Security*

Creating Charts and Graphics*

Defining Macros*

Advanced Office Technology -Access 7.0 for Windows 95

Starting Access

Creating Database

Creating and table & understanding primary key

Simple Queries

Simple Reports

Simple Forms

Complex Forms and Sub Forms*

Complex Queries*


Attaching Macros to Buttons


This course may also lead you to RSA Stage 1 or RSA Stage 2 Exams

*Topics covered in Diploma course only

Note: Short Term courses are also available on any of the above topics.

Programming Courses

Programming in BASIC

Programming in C++

Programming in Visual Basic

Programming in PASCAL

(Course details on request)

Business Studies

Office Skills


New Era Shorthand


Office Procedure

Information Technology & Computing

Word Processing

Shorthand for Journalism and the Media

Business Administration


Office Technology



Accounting Stage I & II

Cost Accounting

Business Law

(Details available on request)


1. Can we get a work permit as students?
Home office has finished the need of work permits for the Students. You are
allowed to work 20 hours per week with a letter from your college, and 39
hours per week during your holidays.

2. how many hours a day do we study?
In our college you have to do minimum 15 hours per week, which you can
adjust with your teacher, it is not much like certain number of hours in a
day. Also depends on which course you are doing.

3. Can we choose time of lessons?
Yes you can, and you can also change them if you need to change it.

4. What are the prices of different courses? What include those prices ?
Price per year.
English- 500
Computing 700 and 900
Business Studies - 500

5. Can we start studying at any time of year?
Yes you can start any Monday.

6. How do we pay for studying?
50% of the total fee at the time of enrollment and rest you can pay in
Pay by cheque or cash or if you pay from abroad it should be Bank Draft

7. Do you send us any documents after we pay for studies?
Yes you would need some documents like enrollment letter, fee receipt,
course details,
which we will send you by post as soon as you have paid your fees.
You also need to arrange an accommodation in UK, (We can't provide any
accommodations) and you also have to have some one sponsoring you, means
someone who will take a your responsibility during your stay in UK, this
could be your parents, your uncle either in your country or in UK, You also
need to show your sponsor's bank statement at the time of applying the

If you need application form and course details please send you postal
Hope above answers will suit your requirements.

Dr. V.K. Johri
Head, Department Of Computer Science
Cosmopolitan College
158-160 Pentonville Road
London, N1 9JY


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