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Restaurants in Buenos Aires

mejores restaurantes buenos aires

Selection of the top 5 restaurants in Buenos Aires

1. Duhau Restaurante & Vinoteca

Adress: Av Alvear 1661, Recoleta, Buenos Aires

Telephone: 5171-1234

Timetable: Monday to Friday, lunch and dinner. Saturday night.

Official web site

Cuisine: French, Europea, Moderna.

The restaurant of the Hotel Park Hyatt, a great place to eat situated in the perfect environment of an old palace.

The critics do not value very well plates in this restaurant due to the beauty of the place. Some of the specialties are the clasic Bife de Chorizo and Quiché de Morillas. The service is unbeatable. This is the perfect restaurant, very glamorous.

2. Astrid & Gastón

Adress: Lafinur 3222, Palermo, Buenos Aires

Telephone: 4802-2991

Timetable: Monday to Friday, lunch and dinner.

Official web site

Cuisine: Peruan, Ethnic.

Gastón Acurio is the person who develops this amazing cuisine in this petit hotel of Buenos Aires. Here you will enjoy the clasic Peruan food, also a clasic Pisco-Souer drink, or a delicious cebiche (Mixed Seafood). Here you can enjoy many products from the sea, that is not common in Buenos Aires, where the king is Argentinian beef.

A place to forget the diet.

3. Sagardi Euskal Taberna

Adress: Humberto Primo 319, San Telmo, Buenos Aires

Telephone: 4361-2538

Timetable: Monday to Sunday, bar is opened from 10h to 24hr

Official web site

Cuisine: Vasca, Gourmet

Sagardi group from Pais Vasco opened this tabern since many years. Here you can ask for the typical Pintxos in the wonderful bar, both cold and hot and you pay your food depend the total amount of sticks you leave in the dish.

Here you will enjoy authentic nature Sidra from Astigarraga. Then sit in the table to tast traditional Vasco products, like Kokotxas, squid, and cod.

4. Italpast La Reserva Cardales

Adress: Dellepiane 1050, Ruta 9, Km 61,5, Campana, Buenos Aires

Telephone: 03489- 461444

Timetable: Thursday, Friday and Saturday, lucnh and dinner. Tuesday, wednesday and Sunday lunch.

Official web site

Cuisine: Italian, Mediterranean

This is the second and best of Italpest restaurants. It is charcterized for the bright and warm atmosphere, suitable to do a hollyday tripp. One of the best Italian restaurants in Buenos Aires.

Some of the top plates here are Coniglio al Olio, El Fritto misto Alla Italiana, as well as several top quality beef, and fresh fish. To finishit is recommended Pannacotta and cafe with amaretto, a clasic.

5. Thymus

Adress: Lerma 525, Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires

Telephone: 4772-1936

Timetable: Monday to Friday, night

Official web site

Cuisine: French, Creative

A well known restaurant for using herbs and spices in a lot of plates. Some of the options that you have here are the 3 plates menu, or 6 plates menu.

Some of the best plates that you must taste are Mandarin jelly with cake crumbs, ovened quil, Panir and dates with caramel. Also you can enjoy Martin Vergara's scultures.

Good Restaurants in Buenos Aires

Tomo 1

Adress: Carlos Pellegrini 521 - Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Telephone: 4326-6695/6698
Timetable: Monday to Friday, lunch time and dinner. Saturday night.
Cuisine: Creative, Gourmet.

This is one of the few Gourmet restaurants that you can find in Buenos Aires. Managers in this restaurants are Ada and Ebe Concaro, and now also the modern chef Federico Fialayre, they keep a high level of excellence.

The quality is the characteristic that define this restaurant, some of the top plates are endive with orange and chair of lamb with mushrooms. The service is simply perfect, but all together is one of the best restaurants in the city.


Adress: Beruti 2602, Barrio Norte, Buenos Aires
Telephone: 4821-3741/ 4822-5415
Timetable: Lunch and dinner.
Cuisine: Spanish, Gourmet

This restaurant is a reference to the cuisine of Buenos Aires, with a clasic style, althout at the same time modern, with a special touch of the best Spanish cuisine.

Some of the top plates are Cod with potatoes and chickpeas, beef or top quality squid. This restaurant was opened long time ago, it has been growing solidly and consistently to become one of the reference in Buenos Aires. To highlight the good service and the extensive wine list.

La Bourgogne

Adress: Ayacucho 2027, Recoleta, Buenos Aires
Telephone: 4808-2100
Timetable: Monday to Friday, lunch and dinner. Saturday night
Cuisine: French, Gourmet

This restaurant is a perfect exponent of french haute cuisine. The good point of this restaurant could be the high quality cuisine, where there are top fresh food. The service of this restaurant is very proffesional, like the old manners.

Incredible selection of oysters and the clasic lamb Carré. To highlight the great variety of wines with denomination of origin French, desserts with chocolate and the homemade Patisserie.


Adress: Posadas 1350, Recoleta, Buenos Aires
Telephone: 5171-1330
Timetable: Everyday from 6 to 1am.
Cuisine: Italian, Gourmet

In this restaurant there is the best ambience in the Buenos Aires. With a great terrace where you can see the garden.

During the day you will enjoy different plates, at night the menu is larger, with a lot of homemade stuffed pasta, delicious rissoto, fresh fish and more...To highlight the large wine menu.

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