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Tourist attractions in Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires, is one of the most fantastic cities in the whole SouthAmerica, here you can enjoy a lot of kind of attractions. Here you can visit the typical tourist sites, also you will see the beauty of its streets and the greatest buildings, visitors are dazzled by it. Buenos Aires is well known as the city that never sleep.

Basílica de nuestra señora del Pilar

One of the most impressive of the whole Buenos Aires, built in 1732, and characterized with a Baroque facade and a spectacular painted white, the pioneers were the Jesuist, who used it for prayers and spiritual practices of the Franciscan priests Recollescts. It was declared a historic monument in 1942 in recognition of its beauty and antiquity.

Cementerio de la Recoleta

This is one of the most visited graveyard in the world for its great architecture and the perfect design. The graves are the remains of Argentinian traditional families and important figures of national history, one of the most important persons buried here was Evita Peron despite the critics because her humble origin, which lies in the Duarte family tomb.

Official web site of Cementerio de la Recoleta

Casa Rosada

This attraction is so particular due to be the seat of the presidence of the Republic Argentina, in the balcony of this building have been succeded the most important speeches of the Argentinian History. Althout in the interior of this building there are many interestint tourist places, you can just visit the museum what is available to be visited for the tourist.

This museum preserves perfectly the embrasures and the enclosure of the vault that was the store of the Royal Treasury stuff.

Casa Rosada official web site

Catedral Metropolitana

This catholic temple is the most important and visited of Buenos Aires. The architecture used in this building is as a church but without any tower, it is like a Panteon, with columns representing the 12 apostles.

On the right side of the temple you can find the mausoleum with the remains of the Argentine libertor hero, General San Martín.

Catedral Metropolitana official web site

El Cabildo

In this point started the famous revolution of May the year 1810, it is really important for the Argentinian history, also here The Republic of Argentina was proclaimed independent from the Spanish kingdom. El Cabildo has a wonderful outdoor museum.

This museum propose a lot of paints, artifacts, clothing and jewellery of 18th century. The courtyard of the Town Council still with the same decoration that was finalized in 1835.

Manzana de las Luces

This touristic attraction consists of a set of nearby buildings related with history and Buenos Aires culture, where the oldest church of the city is hyden also there are some tunnels in the colonial era.

In September of 1821 was the first time this piece of land was identified as the Manzana de las Luces, as well as different cultural institutions operating in the area.

Manzana de las Luces official web site

Teatro Colón

The 27th of April of 1857 was opened the first Colón theatre, with La Traviata. Curiously The architect who design this building was Carlos E. Pellegrini, father of the man that shortly after was the future president of the Republic of Argentina. This theatre has a capacity of 2500 people. During the life of the theatre it has undergone numerous renovations.

It is a pride for all Argentinians to own one of the lyric theatres most beautiful in the world and althout you can not access to any performance, the guided visit is fantastic.

Colón theatre official web page


Caminito is one of the most touristic quarters in Buenos Aires. A lot of people want to come see the affluence of young people who exhibit their art in public. This street is very popular few years ago, it is known as a bohemian area of the city.

Located in the centre of La Boca, here you will feel an authentic atmosphere full of colours due to the picturesque houses, the artist and the tango soul.

Museo Nacional de las Bellas Artes

This museum was built in 1870, over the years has been compilating valuable artistic works. Was in 1909, when due to the amount of paints and scultures was necessary to rebuild the museum. Today is the most important museum in whole Argentina, with a good variety of national and international works, like:

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Do not miss this opportunity.

MNBA official web site

Museo Evita

This is is one of the favourites museums for Argentinians who support "Peronismo" few years ago, it was built the 23rd of September, in the year 1998, currently this building is used for the National Ministry of Culture. The museum is placed in an old house, and it shows jewelry, documents, letters, paints, historical costumes...Besides the life of Evita Perón the museum exhibits many things about important women through the history of Argentina. Moreover you can enjoy the 40's style restaurant and the café.

Museo evita official web site

Zoo Garden

This great zoo is the second most visited of the world. Also here you will see a wide variety of animals, a lot of them from Argentina, althought most of them are from over the world. Buenos Aires Zoo is a very popular attraction for both young and adults, because there are a lot of attractions for childrens too. I this zoo, also you can have a different point of view and watch the cute lemurs that live in the island.

Buenos Aires Zoo official web site

Japanese Garden

Artificial lakes with fish, streams, oasis of stones, many bonsais...This is a Japanese paradise where find a lot of plants to buy. Also this is the perfect place to find plants from around the world, especially Japanese plants. Paying the ticket to visit this garden is one of the best things that you can do with your money because of the beauty of its garden, they worth. Come to enjoy this fantastic Garden located in the centre of Buenos Aires.

Japanese Garden Official web site

The Planetarium

One of the most visited attractions in Buenos Aires. Here you can look up the museum, with many pictures of constellations, and astronomical equipment. This attraction is also designed for childrens, they will enjoy an astronomical trip around the galaxy.

Planetarium official web page

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