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The Future of the Argentine Government

The currently government of Argentina, Kirchner family, faces a new and complicated challenge, the next national elections. According to the last surveys, the region of Santa Fe will not be added to the potencials winning regions of the govern, if this happened they would inevitably lose the elections, a huge disaster for the powerful couple.

The government has drawn lines of discussion rather controversial, and they also think that they can get the victory. The first of the issues that they want to discuss is the problem with retentions in the agrosector, this is a big problem because they gave the money for the political campaign of Kichner family and its subsequent initiative to regulate these. The second point is the conflict with comunication media. The third point will be that it is possible the current president give up the presidence if they loose value in the next election, her husband denies it.

These contradictions and controversial measures are leading to a future change from the popular view.

Argentina start to trust in Maradona

Everybody know the name of the new and famous Argentina football coach, none other than Diego Armando Maradona. Until today only few people trust in Maradona to develope the important role in guiding the "Albiceleste" selection.

Argentina won all of the past matches that they played and he is starting to convince the popular opinion by his actions. He has many responsabilities, and also he knows that if Argentina play bad, he could lose the title of "the god" of football . Maradona is brave, he said that this is not a problem for him, this a interestic football trip even when his reputation is a stake, also he said he will be the main responsible if the team fail.

Anyway he trust in his team, with Mascherano as an indisputable captain , and Leo Messi as the current best player of the world. The whole nation is waiting for the future results. To Maradona these previous matches are just the beggining, the next World Cup in Southafrica, he will demonstrates the value of the Argentina selection.

The phenomen of jonas brother

After few years waiting for it, Southamerica is the next Jonas Brothers tour, this succesful american band will finish the tour in the city of Buenos Aires.

The famous Jonas brothers are going to do an espected tour around Southamerica, where they have millions of fans, from youngers through adult audiences. Kevin, Joe and Nick want to capitalize their fame in the continent doing some concerts, also with an expensive price for the inhabitants of Buenos Aires.

This group of young character will debut in Argentina in the great stadium of River Plate, where it is expected a full absolute. To highlight the three brothers also have the appearance little Demi Lovato, which is the main character in the Disney Chanel show Sonny With a Chance. Ticket for this peformance will be selled the 6th of April. You can get the tickets in many places of the city.

La Fragata Libertad

This year the mythic Frigate Libertad of Buenos Aires will conduct a short trip due to the international crisis that we are living.

Basically the anually trip of Frigate Libertad use to spend about 8 months on the sea, only in this year they decide to get short the travel to 5 months. This is due to 2 main reasons, the first reason and most important is the budget for the year 2009 is shorter than other years, and the second is the frigate must engage in the famous race Velas de Sudamerica.

In the last 10 years this trip will be the most modest, which was comparable to the year of the 2001 crisis in Argentina. This trip will be just around atlantic oceanic. Some of the cities visited for this frigate are La Coruña, Dublin, Boston, Santo Domingo, Amsterdam and many others. This new measure is designed to save money in the stays in the port and fuel, besides the strong fluctuation between the Argentine Peso, the dollar and the euro make these payments real economic effort.

To highlight this is the third consecutive year that women travel and work in the ship.

Meat and wheat, the key to agricultural development

The situation will return to the picket if they do not reach an satisfactory agreement on farm retentions.

Whenever there is a chat about withholdings begin an agriculture issues between the government and agricultural coalitions. After several conflicts, the government decides that everytime the pickets appears there is a difficult issue, either for the administration for the independents farmers, because they need the money to survive. Also farmers themselves are really tired with the pickets because at the end they can not find any solution to the problem neither for farmers nor administration.

One of the solutions to this problem could be the flexibility of exports in order to achieve a relatively calm, where producers have a guaranteed share of production.

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