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Areas of Buenos Aires

tourism Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a great city full of tradition and culture in which you will find a many areas with a wide variety of attractions. Come to enjoy the rich heritage of Buenos Aires in the most beautiful city of Argentina.

La Boca

Buenos aires travel tips and hotel accommodation Nearest attractions:La Bombonera, Wax museum, Ribera Theatre, Olavarría Market, Santuario nuestra señora de los Emigrantes.
Buenos aires travel tips and hotel accommodationFamous streets:Calle Caminito, Necochea, La Darsena Sur, Avenida de los Patricios, Olavarría.
Buenos aires travel tips and hotel accommodation Restaurants: Bochicha, Il Matarello, Nuevo Paris, Puerto Viejo.
Buenos aires travel tips and hotel accommodation Hotels

History of Buenos Aires

In 1536, "Santa Maria de los Buenos Aires" was founded by Pedro Mendoza, who was a Spanish conqueror from Granada. At the beginning this area was used to stock products such as leather and other local products. A lot of Italians settled here for instance; in 1882 a group of Genoveses signed a contract to found "The New Republic of La Boca".

The people in this specific place was different from the rest of "Porteños". They were open-minded and friendly people. They lived and spoke their dialect as when they were living in Genova.

Inhabitants of Buenos Aires were characterized as hard-workers. They were perfectly organizated and they even founded several associations of community support. Newspapers, sports and cultural clubs where founded as well.

La Boca also attracted many singers, poets and musicians, that have taken a prominent place in the popular culture of Argentina.


hotels Buenos Aires Nearest attractions: Casa Rosada Museum, Plaza Colon, Pirámide de Mayo, El Cabildo, Colegio Otto Krause, Parroquia de nuestra señora de Montserrat, Farmacy La Estrella.
hotels Buenos Aires Famous streets: Avenidas Entre Rios, Rivadavia, la Rábida Norte, Avenida Leandro N. Alem, La plaza de Mayo.
hotels Buenos Aires Restaurants: Restaurante La Cabaña, Belgrano 901, Café Tortoni, Comet, Pretty.
hotels Buenos Aires Hotels

Montserrat was the first neighborhood in Buenos Aires called "Porteño". The name refers to the "Virgen Nuestra Señora de Monserrat" of Barcelona, where you can find the original statue. It was hiden inside the mountains near Barcelona to protect it from Muslims. A lot of years later it was found again. Because the statue was much darker than before, they called her "La Moreneta", (it means tanned). Due to her colour, it conquered black people heart's.

Because of the concerts black people played this district was called "Drum Neighborhood". There are still reminiscents of the famous black music in this quarter, even when blacks disappeared later in Argentina

In this traditional neighbourhood, you can find many old monuments. Some of these very special, like the Gobern house (Pink House). Monserrat has an ancient history, every brick has it own. Come to walk along this beautiful streets and you will enjoy it.


hotels Buenos Aires Nearest attractions: Plaza de la Recoleta, Cementerio de la recoleta, Iglesia del Pilar, Palais de Galce, Parque Carlos Thays, Biblioteca Nacional.
hotels Buenos Aires Famous streets: Avenida Alvear, Pueyredon, Avenida libertador general San Martín, Plaza de la Recoleta.
hotels Buenos Aires Restaurants: Nectarine, La Bourgogne, Restó, El cuartito, Florencio, Sushi Club, Gioia.
hotels Buenos Aires Hotels

Recoleta is one of the most interesting and moderns neighborhoods in Argentina due to its history and people's habits. Recoleta is a good example of variety and nature, here you can find hundred-year-old trees placed in front of Pilar Church. The main attractions here are two famous squares, Vicente Lopez and Rodriguez Pena.

This is a touristic area offering a lot of shops, clubs, pubs and entertainment. Visit Recoleta and enjoy its funny nightlife! It will be a great experience...

Barrio de Retiro

hotels Buenos Aires Nearest attractions: Plaza San Martín, edificio Cavanagh, Catalinas, estación de ferrocarril Begrano, Basílica del santísimo sacramento, Museo de Armas de la nación, La Torre Monumental.
hotels Buenos Aires Famous streets: Calle peatonal Florida, calle de San Martín, Avenida Leandro N. Alem, Av. Santa Fé.
hotels Buenos Aires Restaurants: Abril, La biblioteca Café, Torre Paris, The Royal Mile
hotels Buenos Aires Hotels

El Retiro is an area which name resulted from the mysterious story of a hermit, who went to this part of the city when there was nothing else but wild animals. This neighborhood is very small if you compare it with the others in Buenos Aires, although it is one of the most visited and popular areas of the city.

This is the bustling part of the city, but there is also an elegant part where expensive hotels are. Luxuries flats and apartments are located near Carlos Pellegrini square, and around San Martin square.

In this neighborhood you have the chance to see many famous historic places, surrounded by great buildings, and the main mall of Buenos Aires. Come to visit the bustling streets of El Retiro.

San Nicolas

hotels Buenos Aires Nearest attractions: El Obelisco, Palacio de Tribunales y monumento a la valle, Teatro Colón, Teatro Nacional Cervantes, Palacio Benich, Banco de la nación de Argentina.
hotels Buenos Aires Famous streets: Plaza Lavalle, Avenida Roque Saenz Peña o Diagonal Norte, Calle Corrientes.
hotels Buenos Aires Restaurants: Astul, Cocina Mama, El Parador, Parrilla el Milagro, San Timoteo, La cantina.
hotels Buenos Aires Hotels

This neighborhood is known for the inhabitants of Buenos Aires like the real centre, even they will never say "We go to San Nicolas" simply they go to the city centre.

Every corner of this little town has different character and atmosphere, San Nicolas is very special place. It is called San Nicolas because there San Nicolas' church was founded in 1773, this Church was the first place where the Argentinian flag was hoisted. This church disappeared subsequently. Currently in this place you will find Carlos Pellegrini and Corrientes streets.

Popularly known as the city, here we can find 4 different circuits in respect of architecture and content. The bank district, the part of palaces, the area of theatres and bookshops, and the most glam part, with greats restaurants and luxury shops.

Come to sightseing along the streets of San Nicolas, you will be impressed with this lifestyle, a world of colour and fantasy.

San Telmo

hotels Buenos Aires Nearest attractions: Plaza Dorrego, Iglesia de nuestra señora de Belen, Canto al trabajo, Antigua casa de la Moneda, Psaje de San Lorenzo, mercado y patio de San Telmo.
hotels Buenos Aires Famous streets: Calle defensa, alto de las carretas, Plaza coronel Olazabal, Calle Balcarce y México.
hotels Buenos Aires Restaurants: El baqueano, Sukiyaki, Restaurant Rioja, Les Anciens Combattants, La Manufactura papelera.
hotels Buenos Aires Hotels

San Telmo is a typical neighborhood in the centre of Buenos Aires, Payadares born in this place, also Arrabal and a huge number of antiques shops, although the most important was the famousTANGO.

San Telmo has a lot of characteristics whose define the typical Argentina such as tragedy, humor, nostalgia. Formerly was the artist's home in Buenos Aires, nowadays is one of the most crowded areas of the city, with many restaurants, beatiful squares, and all kind of business.

Talking about the neighbourhood, It's traditions, the old stories, culture and poesie as well. Currently, this area is becoming an exclusive spot of Buenos Aires.

Walk around Buenos Aires streets is a great experience, in San Telmo you will not find huge monuments neither new buildings. In San Telmo you will see old houses with traditional "Patio". Dorrego square and San Telmo market are uniques throughout Argentina.

This neighborhood has always had a special charm, due in part it was just few years ago the Republic of San Telmo. This area is one of the most wonderful quarters of Buenos Aires, where the tourist can enjoy a traditional and sophisticated atmosphere.

Puerto Madero

hotels Buenos Aires Nearest attractions: Universidad católica, complejo cinemark, Parque Micaela Bastida, fuente de las Nereidas, Edificio Telecom, Buque museo Fragata Presidente Sarmiento.
hotels Buenos Aires Famous streets: Avenida Alicia Moro, Boulevar Cecilia Grisón, Boulevard Vera Peñaloza.
hotels Buenos Aires Restaurants: Restaurante Cabaña Las Lilas, Bahia Madero, Aires de Patagonia, Asia de Cuba, Chila, El Mirasol.
hotels Buenos Aires Hotels

This neighborhood is a huge potential touristic area, here you will find many of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires, as well as the most glamorous clubs in the capital.

Since birth, Puerto Madero has wanted to be an avant-garde quarter. At present exist many projects to become the area in one of the environment pioneer of Buenos Aires.

The ferial area will be built here, with more than 12 hectareas to perform congress, international events, etc... Here also you can see Yachts to the 450 marinas, Yathc Club Puerto Madero. There are a lot of projects in this area, it is projected the future construction of a 5 star hotel and shopping centres.

In this area of Buenos Aires you can feel the port is completelly integrated with the rest of the city and the river. An area with a few population, althout ready for the entertainment and tourism. Come to Puerto Madero to enjoy a best evening ever.

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