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Some news from Brussels:

Brussel Trip News The renovation in Central Station in Brussels started in the beginning of 2006 and finished at the end of March 2009. The image of the Central Station is therefore a lot improved. The station is not only expanded, there is also invested in new lighting and new and improved sound and security. The visitors of the station feels now much safer and are more relaxed.

Brussel Trip News 4 April 2009 is the start of a new improved metro plan in Brussels. There are from now on 6 ultrastrong lines, new direct connections, optimal frequencies and there is a multimodal station and much more comfort. These changes ensure that the capacity increases and that the public transportation works more efficient. 2 April 2009 King Albert II inaugurated the new tube plan and the tube station Weststation.

Brussel Trip News 31 May 2009 the federal government organise the 20km through Brussels. By participating you also help the League ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis).

Brussel Trip News At the end of September 2009 the new Anspach Centre of Brussels will be finished. In this centre there will be next to a casino, an event hall and a shopping arcade also be hotels and luxury apartments. The gallery, 8 meters wide and 8 storeys high will connect the Munt Square with the Anspachlaan. A great work of art by sculptor Vincent Strebelle will be exhibitedin this gallery. This project will create approximately 500 new jobs.

Brussel Trip News 2009 Is the year of the comics in Brussels. Brussels is the city of cartoon autors like Hergé (Kuifje), Franquin (Guust Flater) and Peyo (Smurfen). Brussels will organise a lot of exhibitions and events to celebrate the year of the comics. A lot of fairs and events will be organized to celebrate the year of the comic book.

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